To pass the slug:  ——   Needs a pellet.
To pass the Werewolf:  ——   Needs a nugget.
To pass the Hydra:  ——   Needs a snake.
To pass the fire:  ——   Needs the clasp.
To invoke Astarot:  ——   Needs the sword.
To invoke Magot:  ——   Needs the sunflower.
To invoke Belezbar:  ——   Needs the mantis.
To invoke Asmodee:  ——   Needs the ruby.
Trap door in Goblins Dungeon:  ——   Say to Thorin "break trap door", repeat until it breaks.
Magic door:  ——   Wear ring, examine door, repeat until Elves approach and door opens, go through door.
Bulbous eyes:  ——   Move once in direction that you moved prior to encountering eyes. Wait twice and move once more in same direction.
Goblin's Dungeon door:  ——   Open door and enter dungeon to score an extra 7½%.
Get out of Goblin's Dungeon:  ——   Say to Thorin "carry me" - say to Thorin "open window" - say to Thorin "go through window".
Short cut to the Ring:  ——   Wait until a Goblin enters the cave with the crack, then go D, NE, SE, E and there's the ring.
If it's dark:  ——   You must have your sword to be able to see.
Black river:  ——   Hold rope, throw rope (repeat until it catches on boat), pull rope, climb into boat.
Torches:  ——   To obtain the torches from the Goblins Cavern or the Elvenkings' Hall (no torches listed). "Tie rope to torch, take rope, untie TORCH".
To Kill Gandalf:  ——   Did you know that you can easily kill Gandalf in 'The Hobbit'?

Two ways I've found:

1. Open chest. Say to Gandalf "climb into chest". Close chest.

Wait for a very, very, long time. Open chest. (if he tried to move around too much) - In the chest there is - Dead Gandalf.

2. Probably easier. Go out of the door to the lonelands. Say to Gandalf "N,kill hideous troll" which he'll dutifully attempt to do.

Meanwhile you go Northeast to the trolls path and wait and wait and wait until day dawns. Then head south.

"You are in a clearing with two stone trolls.

Visible exits are: Southwest, Southeast, North.

You see:

the large key.
Dead Gandalf.
Thorin enters."

"But Gandalf is one of the most powerful characters in the game and he's on my side!" We hear you cry -

"Why would I want to kill him?"

And the answer - Petty Vindictiveness! :P

From: Wartmiller
To get the bus pass:  ——   Scare woman with spider.
To get the spider:  ——   Prince William needs cuddly pink elephant.
When you meet Princess Margaret:   ——   Insist that she take a cigarette.
To get wax:  ——   Enter dome with bees, go out, wave fan, go in, get wax.
Where to store the gems:  ——   In fuzzy area.
Can't find anything in the field:  ——   Dig, go hole, dig, dig, dig, etc.
To solve part one:  ——   Drop five books in library.
Objects to take to part two:  ——   Net, Crucifix, Key, Sword and Lit Lantern.
Objects to take to part three:  ——   Ring, Net, Lantern, Dead Serpent, Lead and Crucifix.

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