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Before starting you must remember one golden rule - DO NOT drop parachute units at the point where they first appear. The initial points are almost always better for the Germans than they are for you.

The main secret to winning is to open, and keep open, the road from jumping off Point 1 to the Arnhem Bridge in order to get your heavy units to the main battle areas.


Arnhem West Map

The forces starting from the jumping off Point 1 must smash their way through to Point 4 before two German units arrive from Point 5.

In order not to have too many units on the Eindhoven road take some units via Point 2 to the North West road. You can knock out the light German forces to the North and East of Point 2 as you pass.

Dig in the unit at Point 3 and reinforce it with a spare unit once the German forces on the Eindhoven road have been pushed back.

As Artillery units arrive at Point 1 use them to bombard the German units blocking the Eindhoven road.

The first two parachute units to arrive should be dropped at Point 6 and immediately move south to attack and destroy the defenders of Eindhoven.

A large number of infantry parachute units, four to start with but build up to six or more, should be dropped at Point 7. After taking out the German AA unit defending the bridge they should dig in horizontally and wait for a strong German force trying to come south to reinforce Eindhoven. Dig in level with the original German unit and don't move too far north or the reinforcements will come down the west side of the river and outflank your forces.

Drop two units at Point 8 and move them south to attack the tank unit defending the bridge. If they take the bridge quickly they can be used to reinforce the units at Point 8. If not send them down the road towards Arnhem.

One parachute unit should be dropped at Point 9 and after quickly taking out the German AA unit they should travel east along the road through Grave to Nijmegen taking out any German units they meet.

Keep an eye out for rogue German units heading for the main road, usually you have something on the road to deal with them but it is often better to detach a unit or two to fight them in open ground and thereby avoiding blocking the road.


Arnhem East Map

As soon as possible drop eight parachute units on or around Point 1 and Point 2, then dig them in along a diagonal line from Point 1 to Point 2. A large number of German reinforcements come up these two roads from the south and they must be held here. Don't be tempted to break ranks and chase them south as new German forces continue to arrive right up to the end of the game. If and when some of your spare heavy units come down the road you can use these to go south and fight running battles along the bottom of the map. Don't start doing this until your build up at Point 7 has been fully completed.

Drop a unit at Point 3 to clear the bridge to the west and then use it and others coming down the road to clear the other bridges on the way to Arnhem.

Drop four units at Point 5 and Point 6, bringing them together to dig in and block the western side of the Arnhem bridge. Later when enough forces are available these can be opened by one small square to tempt the Germans to send forces over the bridge where they cannot expand and you can destroy them with ease.

Drop two units at Point 4 to take out the units holding the north side of the Nijmegen bridge.

From now on you must drop or move as many units as possible, to and around Point 5, Point 6 and Point 7 ready to push across the Arnhem bridge.

When the Polish Brigade arrive, and if all other areas are secure, drop them at Point 8 to loop round and attack the Arnhem bridge from the east. This is a nasty suicide mission but somebody has to do it!

Finally when enough force has assembled at Point 7, and more is arriving by road, smash across the bridge to Point 9 and then spread out from there.

Not only can you win with this strategy but if your timing is right you will destroy every German unit in the game.

Well that's it then chaps, all I can say now is


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