Sinclair ZX Spectrum
Your Spectrum 128 is two computers in one.

It has all the features which have made the Sinclair Spectrum the most popular home computer you can buy, and will run existing software for the ZX Spectrum + and the 16 and 48K Spectrum.

But now the Spectrum 128 adds a whole new dimension to Spectrum computing. Its full 128K of memory means that it can run more complicated programs, play more exciting games, store more information - everything you want to do will run that much more easily or work that much better.

The Spectrum 128 also has many convenient features in addition to those on the standard ZX Spectrum +. These include advanced sound, including the ability to drive a synthesizer; a full screen editor to make it easier to write your own programs in BASIC; and a Calculator facility. There are also extra sockets for connecting peripherals such as a colour monitor or a printer and a special extension keypad giving easy control of the editing facilities.

A simple command lets you switch off the features which are unique to the Spectrum 128 so that it performs exactly like a standard 48K Spectrum + (if you want to run a 48K Spectrum game, for instance).

Your Spectrum 128 has two manuals. This introduction describes in detail how to set up your Spectrum 128 and how to use its special features. There is also a copy of the ZX Spectrum + User Guide, which describes how the Spectrum 128 works when running as a Spectrum +, and has detailed instructions on how to write your own BASIC programs.

Start by reading the first section of this introduction (pages 2 to 6) which shows how to set up your Spectrum 128, how to load 128K programs, and how to use the computer as a Spectrum +.

The second part of this introduction covers the special programming features of the Spectrum 128, including how to write or edit a BASIC program, how to use the Calculator and how to program music. If you want to learn programming on the Spectrum 128, we suggest you start by trying some of the examples in the ZX Spectrum + User Guide.

Sinclair ZX Spectrum

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