Sinclair ZX Spectrum
If you have a suitable printer connected, this lets you print out the current program on paper.

If no printer is connected, or there is some other problem, the computer may appear to 'freeze'. it can be cleared by pressing [BREAK]. When printing is complete, you will be returned to the program screen.


This option returns you to the main menu. Your current program is automatically stored and will be recalled if you select 128 BASIC again. If you switch off, select 48 BASIC or press the reset button the program will be lost.


The number keys and mathematical symbols on the keyboard or keypad can be used exactly like an ordinary pocket calculator, by selecting the Calculator option from the main menu.

When you select the option, you will see the blank Calculator screen. Now just type in your calculation in standard mathematical notation. For example, type


When you press [ENTER] the answer = 1215 will appear. As on an ordinary calculator, the current result is held in the Spectrum's memory - so if you want to carry out further calculations, there is no need to retype it. For example, to take 685 from the answer you just got, you type


and press [ENTER] to see the answer = 530.

The calculator uses all the mathematical functions available in Spectrum BASIC (see the ZX Spectrum + User Guide). The keypad has the four main mathematical functions * / + - and also supports the use of brackets.

When you have finished with the calculator, you can return to the main menu by pressing [EDIT]. This brings up the Options menu:

Calculator options menu screenshot, 1565 bytes

Select Calculator to return to the Calculator screen, or Exit to return to the main menu.

Sinclair ZX Spectrum

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