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 T he idea of the game is to destroy the 2D tanks which are moving from right to left across the screen, using your 3D gun turret. There are three levels of play, one or two player options, a hold feature, demo and training modes. One particularly nice feature is that you are allowed to pick your own control keys. Just to make it more difficult the tanks can actually fire back at you.

Colour is used well in this game, but whilst the detail of the graphics is good, the tanks still only move one character square at a time which does look rather jerky. The gun turret looks very good and moves very well indeed whilst you aim. Probably the most advanced feature of this game is the semi-recoil of the nozzle of the gun, going down each time you fire.

To conclude, it can be said that though the standard of 3D Tanx is not quite the best there is, it is an addictive and entertaining game. Well recommended.

Addictiveness    ADDICTIVENESS


Graphics    GRAPHICS


Programming    PROGRAMMING


Lasting Appeal    LASTING APPEAL


Value    VALUE



Overall Score    OVERALL SCORE       78%


Reviewed by

James Walsh




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