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 A  re-release of a much loved oldie brings a tear to your eye, dunnit? It's like seeing old film of John Lennon, or Elvis (no, not Four-Eyes, the fat one!) or hearing that, although nearing geriatric age, Genesis is reforming to do a gig of all its old stuff... (Sniff!) It was with a sigh and a faraway look that I booted up this old wrinkly. O light! O joy! O de toilette! It hasn't aged a bit.

By far the best 3D cockpit game of all time (and I spit on Starion, Time Gate, 3D Lunattack and so forth when I say this) 3D Starstrike was a real breath of fresh air at the time it originally came out. Real Time Software has gone on to prove that it knows a thing or two about 3D effects recently, with the sequel. That little baby broke a few heads, as you may well recall.

It really is the closest thing to flying a real spacecraft, or so one imagines, and as a shoot 'em up is really hard to beat for playability and excitement, even amongst the sophistication of today's games. Put it alongside anything new, and it stands up like a trooper. If you bought Starstrike II, but missed the first one, I advise you to patch this gap in your education. Well worth three quid of anyone's money!

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