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 T he world's most hunted mole now becomes the most travelled mole as Monty travels Europe, haunted and hunted by the police - INTERMOLE, actually - in a bid to find freedom, peace and quiet. Yes, Monty's back in another Gremlin escapade, Auf Wiedersehen Monty.

This is Gremlin's fourth Monty game and if the title is anything to go for, the last. Somehow I don't think that will turn out to be true.

Anyway, for those who have encountered Monty before, here's a brief outline of his history.

Mr. Mole was locked up by the law for taking coal to keep warm. He escaped and eventually fled abroad, lying low in Gibraltar. But his safe haven has been blown and he's on the run again. The game's challenge is to take Monty across Europe, raising enough money for him to buy a Greek island by the name of Montos from which there is no chance of extradition.

Basically the game comes down to a real treat for platform freaks as Monty explores screen after screen, solving easy puzzles, difficult puzzles and some puzzles which unless I had been told the answer, I don't think I'd have got in a long time. If you take the time to map out the game, you'll find it turns into something which looks like the map of Europe.

Scattered around the screens are a multitude of objects, some useful, some lethal, others red herrings.

Each country has an apt problem to solve. In France Monty might come across the Mona Lisa. If he could sell it, the money will be useful. And in Monaco Monty should really try and repair his car so he can compete in the grand prix. If he should win, the prize money won't go to waste.

Scattered around the playing screens are plane tickets. Collect the ticket and get to an airport and Monty can travel to another country.

One piece of advice. It always pays to make Monty jump up and down if he appears to be in an impossible position with nowhere to go. In lots of places he will just bounce straight up, possibly out of trouble.

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