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 F or a hundred years, the once-beautiful kingdom of MariGold has been suffering the rulership of the Red Warlock, Zahgrim. The royal ballrooms, where good King Tauraus often threw celebrations for his entire realm, are now the gloomy abode of Zahgrim's prisoners. The little towns and villages are deserted and foul demons roam the countryside. Where there was once lush farmland, there are now only cemeteries.

You were an apprentice to the only remaining good Wizard in MariGold until he was killed by demons. Goff, your master, taught you all the Magic he knew, but that was only a meagre amount, because Zahgrim destroyed all the Magic books in the land. After Goff's death, you discover a Parchment and an old, dusty book. In the book is the story of how Zahgrim took over the kingdom of MariGold by defeating Anakar the Wise. Zahgrim turned Anakar to stone and scattered the good Wizard's six Magical eyes around the land forcing him to helplessly watch Zahgrim's evil. The Parchment is Anakar's Map of MariGold and you know it's valuable.

Find all six of Anakar's lost eyes, replace them in the stone statue, and you'll learn the secret to Zahgrim's destruction. You, as the last holdout against Zahgrim's dark Magic, must travel through the land of MariGold (the Map is your most important aid) collect Anakar's eyes, and place them in the statue. As you find the eyes (and mark their location on the Map), you also collect life-sustaining food, weapons and Magic spells to use against the fearful Warlock and his minions.

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Overall Score    OVERALL SCORE      72%


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