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 I t's the middle of the night, outside an electrical storm is raging and you're all alone in Castle Frankenstein. Your task is to revive Frankie, the monster who waits for you at the top of the tower while you hunt around for the vital organs that will make his life complete. You need to find a pair of lungs, a pair of kidneys, a liver, a heart and of course a brain if you want to make a man of him. But make sure you use only quality spare parts as some of the older items may cause a breakdown. It won't be easy. The castle has many rooms, dungeons, dark corridors, crypts, graveyards and laboratories to explore (sixty screens in all), and who knows what may lurk behind those locked doors?

Addictiveness    ADDICTIVENESS


Graphics    GRAPHICS


Playability    PLAYABILITY


Lasting Appeal    LASTING APPEAL


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Overall Score    OVERALL SCORE      62%


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