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 S hows how the memory can delude and confuse even as razor-sharp and well trained a mind as mine (hem hem). This little game, which first appeared on the now defunct Ariolasoft label just over two years ago, was in fact, history fans, one of Dinamic's very first games.

Hasta Manana, my old paella. I remember it as rather good fun, a platformy romp through the middle ages with bumper graphics and spanky monsters. But once again, the brain has played it's devilish tricks. In reality Camelot Warriors is a snorefest of the first order, slow, nothing much to look at, unreasonably hard and full of irritating little game features that went out with Manic Miner.

What's happened is that since its first release we've seen squillions of games that are much faster, much slicker and all in all much more fun.

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