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 T here has been a spate of fighting programs lately, not the least being MH's WAY OF THE EXPLODING FIST, but now they have combined the pure combat game with the adventure quest type to produce this game.

In Fighting Warrior your task is to rescue the princess from a selection of 'vicious' enemies - must be a combination of thick and gluey and brutal.

Joking at the expense of the spelling in MH's press release aside, there is nothing gluey about the beautifully drawn and animated characters in this program, they all act and react very quickly indeed. Your character has to walk along as the background scrolls behind him and every few feet it seems encounters another adversary. Fighting is done by sword and by using the four direction and the fire button, joystick or keyboard you can back off, move forward, jump, duck, or strike at the upper, mid or lower regions of your opponent. Each of you has a graphic representation of your strength and stamina, once it is all gone - RIP.

Added to this there are objects which you have to puzzle out how to use and a frequent arrow attack which you must duck under or jump over, even in the middle of an encounter.

I found that the response was a little slow and it takes some getting used to before accurate timing of blows and dodges can be made. It is also a very difficult game to play as you are under almost constant attack from the very start. Even though I did not get very far into the gameplay, the superb graphics and adventure style concept ensure that I will go back to this one time and again. Melbourne House yet again bring a touch of class to computer gaming.

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