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 T hat Golden Boy of Leytonstone, Graham Gooch often looks good but fails to deliver on the cricket field, and I'm afraid the same goes for the simulation that bears his name. Gooch is known as Zapata to his colleagues 'cos of his habit of taking siestas during a game - and I think the programmers must've dozed off half way though this one.

The game purports to simulate 40, 55, 60 overs and 2 innings games. You also have a two player facility as well as the trad computer opposition. You can punch in your own team or accept the program of current England/Australian players - more accurate here than some football games I could mention. You give the players their batting and bowling averages and must pick a wicket keeper. The computer rejects too low an average but not very high ones, regardless of batting order, so your number 11 can average 100 with the bat. The computer seems to completely disregard this anyhow during gameplay - so is it all just padding anyway?

The gameplay's really peculiar. We all know one day games and Gooch in particular, zap along, but at 12-15 runs an over? The graphics give you a behind the bowler's arm close-up - good bowling simulation here - showing batsman, 'keeper and slip. When the ball is struck you get the same view of the off or leg side - and you've no choice of field placings. You can control line but not length or speed when bowling. When batting you have minimal control over whether you defend or attack - but you only have two shots within that mode. Technically, you have more control in the two innings game - but it still rattles along at the one day rate, and very low scores regularly ensue.

So, if you're a real fan of leather on willow this one's worth a very cautious look.

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