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 I t's 2124 and not a good year. Just about everything that makes life pleasant is running out or running down. The serious people at WEC (that's the World Energy Committee) have formulated THE PLAN to get round the problem.

THE PLAN is the WEC Colony Plan. It involves ten really big, like enormous, colony ships.

They're going to use a Meason Accelerator (a go faster gadget) to throw them to the far corners of the universe. A long way. "Cos that's where the energy is".


Well, that was the idea. However, the incredibly evil, his foulness on high, The Emperor Hades, had his own plans. From his horribly burnt out bum of a planet fortress, called Sodini, he despatches his entire battle fleet. There orders were to wait at the arrival co-ordinates of the earth ships, enslave the crews and sell the ships for scrap.

Only Colony 7 escaped the net, on account of a computer malfunction, they re-materialised two years before the Hadian fleet arrived. Colony 7 immediately began searching for energy sources and stumbled over what we know as the Orion Nebular. Only it wasn't the Orion Nebular any more, because Hades had renamed it after himself and set up mining facilities.

So, here we are at Hades Nebular about to fight for the right to save the earth. That's where you come in. We on Colony 7 need your help, so we've decided to beam you aboard and press you into the cramped cockpit of a terran fighter.

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