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 D o not let the title of Krakatoa from Abbex mislead you into assuming that the volcano will play a large part in the game, which is essentially a chopper attack/rescue format.

As the pilot of a well-armed helicopter in the Java Seas, you will have to overcome a number of obstacles to bring the hapless civilians of Volcanic Island to safety at your base.

Your prime task is to protect a supertanker from the multiple waves of V1 flying bombs which threaten the ship. Submarines also attack from beneath the waves, leaving floating sailors to be rescued.

In the brief interludes between each assault you may also find time to over-fly the spewing magma of the volcano and attempt to rescue the villagers by winching them up. The chopper will need rearming and fuelling at various times and you lose precious time in that way as the tanker is undefended in the interim.

Abbex has produced a slick and compulsive arcade game with clear, steady graphics, and a fast-moving and difficult scenario. In addition, the lower screen contains long-range radar and other status indicators. Movement of the chopper is by keyboard only, which is perhaps the only major flaw in the program, apart from the brief screen display explaining the movement keys.

You will face many problems in deciding priorities and your flying ability will be pushed to the limit.



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