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 K ong the gorilla has captured a girl and your task is to rescue her from his evil grasp. There are three stages of this game: first you must avoid the barrels and fireballs which are being hurled at you and climb the ladders to the second screen. Then you must climb the stair-case again avoiding the fireballs to rescue the girl. It is left up to your own imagination to decide who the fair maiden in distress is, so you can be the in-house hero!

Being written in machine code means that the action is pretty fast, though jerky and a little crude. Some of the controls are a little too sensitive, but apart from that it is a good, fun game, which can be played for hours - just change the maiden.

Addictiveness    ADDICTIVENESS


Graphics    GRAPHICS


Programming    PROGRAMMING


Lasting Appeal    LASTING APPEAL


Value    VALUE



Overall Score    OVERALL SCORE       66%


Reviewed by

James Walsh




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