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 I t's back to the atac on the atic with this game.

Based very roughly on the concept of Ultimate's game, the idea is to move your man about a maze of rooms, avoiding the usual crowd of nasties. You're able to fire what look like sea-gulls at the oncoming masses, but it does little good as they re-generate instantly and throw themselves back into the fray. Doors lock behind you and then just as suddenly reopen; little electronic pings announce that you have found a rare treasure - oh yes, the excitement fair plods along!

The basic plot revolves around the search through a maze for nine parts of a scroll that provides the route to the exit. The maze is split into five sectors and certain objects are required before you can pass between these sectors.

Various controls are available for protection, but by far the most useful keyboard control is the 'Pause' key.

The main problem with the game is that the area of action is just too small - trying to sort out your character's sprite from the fluttering mass of enemy followers is just ridiculous.

With a lot of patience and a meagre wallet, of course this game is adequate - indeed, with a 256-room maze to explore, it should keep the most avid map-maker happy for hours. But, with so much well-conceived software around of this type, Labyrinthion stands little chance of becoming a classic.

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