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 C onsidering the limitations of the Spectrum, US Gold has produced the best sports simulation ever seen on this machine.

Leaderboard is a golf game which gives a true 3d view of the course from behind your man. There are four courses included each consisting of 18 holes, so those of you who bought Konami Golf, throw it away and rush out for the No.1 choice.

The club selection is from a 1W down to a PW. When you have chosen your club the strength of your shot has to be judged by means of a rising gauge. After the strength comes the hook or slice which is the hardest bit to judge as the gauge falls so fast. Once you are on the green you are given a putter and have to judge the slope of the green by means of a stick in the ground and a shadow.

When everyone has holed out a score card is displayed for each player, one after the other to chart your progress, then it is on to the next hole. Full marks have to go to US Gold on this excellent conversion of a C64 classic which could have easily turned out to be utter rubbish.

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