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 T he Markon Empire has launched a vast robot ship into the depths of space on a mission to find new life-forms and gather knowledge. It's called the Markon Dawn.

Controlling this ship is the Brain of Markon, a vast and powerful computer. Your role in Martionoids is to be the guardian of the brain, to defend, maintain and activate it in the event of attack.

And that's just what happens. Martianoids, unfriendly aliens, have gained entry to the ship and are now interfering with the passages of programs through the brain. Their weapons are capable of destroying all active components in the brain.

You have to guide the programs from the transmitter to the receiver in each sector of the brain. There are nine sectors of the ship, shown on a display to the left of the main window on the game. The robot - that's you - appears as a little blip. The program is another blip. You've got to get to the program and get it into position.

The robot is equipped with a laser with which he can zap the various aliens who can drain away his energy in suicidal attacks on him. It's also equipped with a blaster to destroy walls. Martianoids is a good game, highly playable, graphically okay but without the touch of originality which marks it out from all the other Ultimate clones.

Still it's nice to see the mystery men back in action but time will tell whether the name Ultimate will regain its former glory and recapture its pioneering spirit.

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