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 I  love it, I love it not, I love it... well, we'll just skip the rest and come to the conclusion that I love it. Not only is Mikie a masterful conversion from the arcade original, it's also an extremely addictive game.

Our romantic hero, Mikie has fallen under the spell of the age-old ague, love. His girlfriend waits by the schoolyard gates, cheerleading away while he rushes round the school collecting letters to form a love-letter to send her.

There are five sections to the game each set in a different room in the school. We start in the classroom where Mikie has to push his classmates off their chairs to collect the hearts on the back. Then whizz off to the locker room, the canteen, the gym, where they bring on the dancing girls, and finally to the schoolyard where Mikie's girl's waiting. In between there's the short dash between rooms but fortunately, you won't need to do any homework on that bit.

If you love the mad whirl of a good arcade game and aren't put off by the sloppy theme of this one, then Mikie should set your heart all a flutter.

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