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Wow. Worra burn-up, rubber fans. You thought you'd played some good driving games in your time? Well, think again, wheelspinner! Nightmare Rally is fast, fresh and furious. Speeding across country in your highly tuned rally car (looks like a Golf GTi to me, but what do I know?) you're setting off on a race against the clock. There are trees, there are huge mounds of earth, there are great stonehengy things...

There are a lot of permutations of these obstacles, and a lot of different road surfaces to contend with, all at tremendous speed. When you hit the mounds of earth, oooo-eeeee! It's the Dukes Of Hazzard all over again. How is this much excitement possible on the humble Speccy? How does it compare with such tricky old standards as Pole Position, The Great American Road Race, and Full Throttle? Not bad. The car is really well animated and drawn, as are the hordes of trees and stuff hurtling past you.

As a driving game, it's brilliant. It requires snappy reflexes and not a small amount of planning; as in real rally driving, foreknowledge of your route is invaluable.

It's easy to play, tres quick and very good fun. It does make a change to play a fun game after all the megaserious concentration games or brainless shoot'em ups. Highly recommended.

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