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 P anic is very similar indeed to the ladders type arcade game. An almost identical version is available for the BBC under the name "Monsters". Though Panic may not be 100% original as a game, it is very well written indeed.

The idea is that you are caught in a maze of walls and ladders with a load of rather nasty aliens. The object is to lure them into holes which you have dug and then bang them over the head until they die. As if this wasn't enough you are in danger of running out of oxygen. As time goes on, and especially if an alien gets through a hole without getting hit, they get even more ferocious and difficult to kill.

Maybe not original, but this is the first time I have seen it for the Spectrum. It is definitely a highly addictive and enjoyable game to play.

Addictiveness    ADDICTIVENESS


Graphics    GRAPHICS


Programming    PROGRAMMING


Lasting Appeal    LASTING APPEAL


Value    VALUE



Overall Score    OVERALL SCORE       78%


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James Walsh




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