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 I t's not so long since I sung the praises of Skool Daze's sequel and now the original ants nest of evil urchins is available at a knock down price - as in knocked down by a catapult shot.

Other ways to get knocked down in Skool Daze are by bully's fist or somebody sneaking into your desk. You get lines for sitting on the floor which seems unfair, but isn't that just like school?

Actually, you get lines for anything in this educational establishment, which makes your task of retrieving your rotten report from the heads safe a tricky combination of tactics and timing.

The odd security system means you have to hit the school shields, sometimes jumping off floored friends for extra height, then knock out the staff for the code. All in a day's work for the scholastic adventurer.

Not so sophisticated in plot as its predecessor, this is still a Sinclair classic with its good humoured style. If you don't already have it you really must at this price. Top of the Elite re-release form.

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