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 C rikey, that's a funny idea; take the name of a well known film, change one of the words slightly and voila, a rib-tickling title for a computer game in which the main character can be a dog (because dogs have paws). Har, har. I'll see if I can come up with something, using that formula, before I finish this review. Anyway, back to the game.

First thing I must admit is that while I was playing this game I was labouring under the misconception that it was a full price release. Imagine my astonishment when I saw the ACTUAL price tag only several pico-seconds before typing this. I floundered, by cracky.

The basic plot of the piece is that you. a canine 'space-hero' called (groan) Rover Pawstrong have to run about killing 'Space Griffins' (meep meep Road Runner lookalikes, who also happen to be culinary gold dust).

There are four bits to the game (which for the most part is a two way scroller), and here they are:

Planet Surface: Run around the planet, jumping over the little craters and picking up bonus weaponry to help you in your task. Space Griffins are trusting little fellows. Easy to kill and totally non violent. Your only enemy is time. Oh, and 'keep em peeled' for holes in the ground, which leads me onto...

The Mine-Shafts: Er, same as above really, except you collect charges for your laser gun...

Laser Gun Sequence: A bit like the combat sequence in Tai Pan. i.e. a cannons eye view with the birds in the distance. Get the elevation right and keerpoowww!!!

Bonus Screen: A Split Personalities variant. A picture on a four by four grid is jumbled up before your eyes - Reassemble it within a time limit.

The graphics are simply coloured with fair animation, although the control response does take quite a bit of getting used to. All In all this is quite a jolly little game and for £2.99, worth checking out.

Oh dear. I've suddenly remembered my foolish boast from the top of the review; a computer game title derived waggishly from a film title. Uuuuum, eeerrr, uuumm. Ah Got it: The Sound Of Moo-Sick, you play a vomiting space cow. Gripes. I'm not very good at this 'game title' lark, am I? Boooiiinng!!!

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A jolly little game owing more than a passing resemblance to Road Runner. At budget price worth the spondies.
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Duncan Macdonald




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