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 H ave you ever been picked up by the fuzz? No, but I've been swung around by the pods.

The resistance is about to launch an attack almost as offensive as that last joke, and though they've captured the all powerful battle-grade starships, they've not got the all important Kylstron Pods... which is why they walk that way!

What resistance, you ask? Well, the plot inside the packaging fails to fill you in on that minor detail, but this is a budget game so you can't have everything. Just presume that they're good guys and take on the mission.

What little you can winkle out of these muscle-bound clams is that there are limpet guns that rock the pool, so don't be shell-fish about the crustaceous puns... you sea, they shore are relevant.

There are batteries of blasters protecting the planets, but you're every ready to take them on. Or maybe you'd rather wreak havoc with their power supplies. Shoot the reactors and you knock them out for a while, but too many hits only lead to a Chernoble sacrifice as the atomic piles go up in smoke, which is a real pain in the posterior

So here goes nothing as you let fly with the lead shot until you can safely hover over a pod and make like a farmer with your tractor beam. Then it's time to leg it for a few feet as you pay out your toe rope and up, up and away into space. Deal the death blow to the reactor as you go for a mass destruction bonus.

Level after level it continues... getting harder and harder as you thrust away, penetrating the planets' caves, spurting laser death at the domed defences. And there's only one thing about this game that is an anti-climax. It's bugged!!!

Yes, Thrust fails to get a megagame rating because pressing too many keys at once causes it to crash, and the high score table doesn't always work. Still, Firebird seems to like the odd bug, even in its full price releases... remember Elite? So, if you promise to be careful where you put your fingers, all I can say to you is, More thrust, Spotty!

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