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 T urrican is a bloody good game. So good, in fact, that my friend from across the road has stolen my copy. Never mind, at least I got to play it first.

Turrican is probably one of the most blathered about platform games in the somewhat historic history of history itself. It's got a lot more than just a platform game - it's a large platform game. For one thing it's big - in fact it's very, very BIG.

It's also a shoot-em up, em being the entire alien population in the universe. As an exploratory game, you get to wander around levels looking for secret caches of weaponry . This can really take it out of you, and your time limit. Oh, and it's multi-load too.

In a true xenophobic tradition you're given a plot which is about as likely as meeting a man from outer space. Still, what really matters is that you get to deal out some loud, colourful and extremely painful death.

There are six possible ways of destroying any one nasty, so you really are spoilt for choice. As for variety, there's loads of it. Each level has it's own theme and new nasties emerge each time, twice as big, four times as deadly and dripping with slime. There is a niggle - it doesn't wait for a fire press after loading in levels. But apart from this I can't find a single fault. If you poor deluded souls haven't already got this, I suggest you dash out and get a copy pronto. Tonto.

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