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 A ha. Now Tibet is certainly original. Can't complain there. I mean, when was the last time you trolled around the Himalayas shooting up monks? Yes, monks. Yeti must be the first overtly anti-religious game ever released on the Speccy. Don't let any vicars, Jehovah's witnesses or American presidential candidates anywhere near it.

Now to the game. Yeti is the first release from Destiny, the latest software house to be founded by Francis Lee, he who put together Beyond and Starlight (now both deceased). It was written by Cybadyne, the programming team mainly known for Xecutor, which popped out at the back end (fnar) of last year through The Edge. That game was a vertically scrolling shoot 'em up with loads of colour. This one, for variety, is a horizontal flip screen shoot 'em up with loads of colour, rather in the manner of Exolon.

Now that's all very well, but I for one am beginning to get a bit tired of all these shoot 'em ups in the manner of Exolon, and this one - bar the unusual scenario - is very much par for the course. You rush along, shooting at things, avoiding bullets and occasionally jumping on top of platforms and running along the top. True, you're shooting at religious icons rather than Krells from the planet Tharg, but thay all move in much the same way. The screens flip rather than scroll, and in the way of these things it's very hard to complete.

Of course it's very slickly programmed, and the basic idea of bopping about in eastern climes is a cracking one. I'm just not convinced that after Exolon, Zynaps, Gunrunner, Freddy Hardest, Game Over and God knows what else, this has very much new to offer. Still, if you like a shoot 'em up, this is as good and hard as any, and not so impossibly difficult that you'll give up in disgust, chucking cassette case out of window and Speccy in fire. Otherwise, though, it's for converts only.

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