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 A h ha! You have to get up pretty damn early in the morning to catch me out. Actually it's not really worth going to bed in the first place. So don't try to tell me that this game isn't a re-release of that ancient Piranha Yogi Bear game from all those eons ago. What? It isn't? It's a completely new game? (Ahem.)

Yep, Yogi's back (back! back!) in a completely new caboodle, this time trying to escape from Jellystone Park to New York City through six equally boring levels before he's hauled off to the zoo - which is where all the other animals are going when the park is forced to close down. Just like the previous Yogi game, everything scrolls from left to right, whilst Yogi hops from platform to platform in search of picnic baskets and various other goodies, avoiding lots of baddies on the way. All of which is very simple, pretty uninspiring and extremely repetitive. It looks very dated and boring. In fact I doubt you'll be able to 'bear' it for very long at all (ho ho).



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Rich Pelley




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