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 W hen first unleashed upon the universe, Zoids were the fiercest war machines ever known to civilisation. Carrying the Zoidaryans into battle from their desolate planet, Zoidstar, they conquered all known worlds... until, with imperial domination secured, Zoid turned upon Zoid.

Only when threatened by a new, more formidable fighting force from the Blue Moon - the Red Zoids, led by the audacious Redhorn the Terrible - did the Blue Zoids on Zoidstar unite under their leader, Zoidzilla.

Into this turmoil came Earthman with a plan to merge minds with Zoidzilla, infiltrate the Red Zoid city complex and destroy the indefatigable Redhorn once and for all. But an enemy spacecraft destroyed his spacecraft, shattering Zoidzilla into six pieces, which the Red Zoids buried under different cities. The fate of the Blue Zoids seemed sealed, unless Zoidzilla could be rebuilt and the wretched Redhorn destroyed...

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