The Solution

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First a list of the Airports, and where they fly you to:

  1. Denmark - Copenhagen to Sweden - Bjorn
  2. Sweden - Bjorn to Denmark - Copenhagen
  3. Netherlands - Amsterdam to Spain
  4. Belgium - Antwerp to Luxembourg
  5. West Germany - West Berlin to East Germany - East Berlin
  6. East Germany - East Berlin to Yugoslavia
  7. Czechoslovakia to Nowhere (minus tickets!)
  8. West Germany - Bonn to West Germany - West Berlin
  9. Luxembourg to Netherlands - Amsterdam
  10. France - Paris to Belgium - Antwerp
  11. Switzerland - Bern to Yugoslavia
  12. Yugoslavia to Italy - Rome
  13. Spain to France - Paris
  14. Italy - Rome to Greece - Olympus
  15. Moledavia to Denmark - Copenhagen
  16. Greece - Olympus to Switzerland - Bern
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Now the solution:

Get the cork from France and take it to Amsterdam. Walk up to the boy and he will swap the cork for some tulips.
Take the tulips to the bottom of the Leaning Tower of Pizza, touch the girl and she will take them from you.
Take the tools from West Germany, and you can fix the Austrian lift.
Take the bacon to Czechoslovakia (Don't enter the airport).
Take the Mona Lisa to Itsadaboss, Italy, and walk up to the fence.
Take the wine to Dortmund, West Germany. Then go and collect the record.
Take the football to Juventus, Italy (Go to the airport at Rome).
Take the steering wheel to Monaco, France.
Don't visit Montos (or the screen to the right) until you are sure you have done everything, and got the maximum money - there are a further 3 ECs at the harbour, which should be collected last.


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