The Solution

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First open the chest. Now EAST, EAST and NORTH where you sleep three times until the trolls are dead. SOUTH and take the key, then back NORTH and unlock and open the cave. NORTH and take all. Head SOUTH, SOUTH, SOUTH-EAST, EAST, EAST. Wait here until the Nasty Goblin enters then DOWN, NORTH-EAST, UP, SOUTH, SOUTH-EAST and wear the ring, NORTH, DOWN, NORTH, open the crack, UP. You can now remove the ring. EAST, EAST and OPEN, OPEN. Eat the food, NORTH-EAST, EAST, EAST. Throw rope across river - use the full instruction - pull rope. Now climb into the boat, climb out of the boat and go EAST. Break the web, NORTH-EAST, break web and NORTH. Wear the ring again, go SOUTH and kill the butler with the sword (this isn't absolutely necessary as there are other ways).

Open the trapdoor, take the barrel and throw it through the trapdoor. Jump, EAST and carry Bard. Head EAST, NORTH, UP, wear the ring and wait until the dragon appears. Say to Bard "Carefully shoot dragon". NORTH, NORTH, drop Bard and eat the food. Now take the treasure. SOUTH, SOUTH, SOUTH, DOWN, SOUTH, SOUTH, SOUTH, WEST, *WAIT, WAIT, WEST, WAIT, WAIT, WEST,* (*This may be WAIT,WEST,WAIT,WEST,*) NORTH, WEST, SOUTH-WEST, WEST, WEST, WEST, WEST, WEST, SOUTH-WEST. Open the door, WEST, drop the treasure and put it in the chest.

Once this is done you're surrounded by a mob of cheering elves, dwarves and hobbits who carry you off into the sunset.


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