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The Solution

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Getting started:

Ask Sajo about the Jade Stone, ask Sajo about the manuscript, ask Sajo about Mallumo, ask Sajo about Putrons then go North when Sajo leaves and ask him for the manuscript, examine manuscript and ask Sajo about the Guardian, go Southeast when Sajo leaves and ask him about Carmon (the answers are basically clues as to what you need to do, etc.). Go down into the Dungeon, Question Putron, Charm or Kiss Guard, Interrogate Putron, then return to the Hall and search the various rooms (look at the object list at the end of this solution to help you find everything). The Kitchen has cakes and a knife - search table for the latter and examine oven to discover the cakes. To get the cakes: use towel to get cakes or remove/get cakes with towel. The Dining Hall: examine the table to find the book, then swap the book for the towel (you can swap them again if you've done this before getting the cakes), examine the book and make a note of what it says, then drop it - collect it later if you want, but it just provides a clue for later, and at this stage you'll probably need to only carry useful items. The Town Square is just a 'pass-through' location, although the Pedlar may be here, in which case examine pedlar to discover what he is selling then examine the various items, buying the thread when you can. To buy the map, you'll need a gold nugget. Buy the other items available at the two shops (North and Northeast of the Square), i.e., the meat, the hooks and the rope - they're all needed.

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To get money:

There are two ways (and you'll need to do both). Sell cakes to baker, sell jewellery to pedlar. To enter the Temple: examine the priests then remove shoes. To pass the robbers on the narrow road, pray in the Temple of the Sun and take the talisman, then keep it until the robbers run off. (If you've been robbed, don't worry - just examine shelter in the dell in the wood to find your belongings again). To carry more objects you'll need a bag. Examine woman and talk to woman in the cottage (North of the village) then mend shawl (but make sure that you first have the needle and thread). To help the Lumberjack, examine him then tear petticoat, bandage hand/wound, get logs. To catch the dog, type CATCH DOG WITH ROPE (make sure you're holding the latter first, though) then just go to the house Southeast of the Town Square and you'll be rewarded with a tinderbox.

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To get the brooch:

First examine the pools (South of the cove), then make a crabbing line with string and hooks (if you ask the fisherman about crabs, he'll give you a hint), put bait on hooks then either fish or lower line and you'll catch the crab, then get brooch. To get the nugget to buy the map, give the brooch to the hermit, ask hermit about ring (provided you have it, of course - give a coin to the tramp then get the ring). To get salt, examine slab at cove then scrape salt with knife.

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Go East into his room, wait, say No to both of his questions, then get cask, examine cask, examine powder, go West and ask Carmon about Russinor/Glade if you want, but he's not allowed to be helpful. To find Glade/Russinor free the little girl East of the clearing in the woods by cutting the brambles, then West and play with the children, then scatter the powder on the pool.
To move the rubble in the ruined cottage go to the Farmhouse then quietly to the baby or rock baby gently then ask the Farmer to go to the ruined cottage or tell him to go North, etc., at the necessary locations, then go to the Cottage and ask him to move the rubble. To get the dove, pick corn when in the cornfield, throw corn when under gnarled tree, then play flute and he'll follow you to the Marsh - if he does fly off, just repeat the process. To enter the Marsh, drop the logs (given by the Lumberjack) then push logs or make path with logs then carefully cross logs. In the Marsh go South to the Lake, play the flute and get into the boat, provided you have the dove with you, Marissa will give you a chalice, climb into the boat to return to the other side of the lake. To pass the Mist to the East of the Plains, you must be carrying the glow-worm - found Northwest of the first location in the Marsh. At the Henge, examine the chalice to discover some runes, read the runes (they are just words written sideways so turn your head to read them - the tramp will give you a clue if you rub the ring then ask the Tramp about the runes - provided you have the chalice), put chalice on slab, say the words on the chalice (POTENCO EL JADON) and the Guardian will swap the chalice for the Jade Stone.

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Now, to find Mallumo.........

In the Tavern buy a drink for the traveller, ask him about the Stone if you want, then give him the map for a clue as to how to get through the Mountains. At the Canyon go Up (listed in the exits). To find the Passage, examine/cut/burn brambles on the ledge - unfortunately a snake appears. To dispose of the snake you'll need the stick and tinderbox - light stick, you'll go Down and the snake will disappear into the passage, only to be eaten by the Bear! The Army and your Father will charge into battle, and a time factor now comes into play (should be ample time to finish, though, if you leave the snake until you have everything you need, including the sickle from the Barn, the armour, the sword - bent or otherwise - you'll get a replacement if it is, provided you keep it, the incense, tinderbox, Stone and the salt.
To enter the Castle, you must first dispose of the Putrons at the camp - talking to them should provide a clue, also remember where you found the incense and what was painted there, so in the Cave light the incense then go to the Camp, examine the Putrons to find a horn (and possibly a sword if your other one was bent), then go to the Castle walls and to open the gate, blow horn.
In the Castle, you'll need to kill the sleeping Putron in the Dungeon in order to get his keys. To get the keys, you'll first need to dispose of the vulture at the top of the Tower, do this by throwing meat, then examine turrets to find some wire, return to the Dungeons and get keys with wire (can't), so bend wire and try again. In the Guard Room the graphic is meant to help: examine the bed to find a blanket. In the Untidy Room, examine the chairs, junk etc., until a piece of paper falls onto the floor then read it. In the Hall look behind or pull tapestries to discover a panel, examine the panel to discover a slot, open panel with key or insert key into slot.
In the Temple, examine the altar to discover the evil force. Pour salt on the floor, say VENKI MALBONE (the piece of paper and the book were your clues for this), examine the altar and pull switch then go South.

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To win:

There are various endings but the one that earns you full points is the following:

Throw sickle at rope (to free Guy), you'll be surrounded by flames so smother/extinguish flames with the blanket, then throw the Jade Stone at the orb (however, if your Father has been killed in the battle before you finish, your score will be less). Other ways to finish are to throw the Stone at the orb WITHOUT freeing Guy first; running out of time; kissing or marrying Carmon; getting killed by Mallumo; dying from the heat of the flames.

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ARMOUR   In the Cellar of the Ruined Cottage
BAG Given by the old woman in the cottage North of the village
BAIT Search gear in Fisherman's House
BLANKET Examine bed in the Guard Room
BOOK Under the table leg in the dining-room
BROOCH At the bottom of the rock-pool
CAKES Examine the oven in the kitchen
CASK Given by Carmon
CHALICE Given by Marissa
COINS/BRONA Obtained by selling two items
COTTON STRIPS The remains of your petticoat
CRABBING LINE Make from string and hooks
FLUTE Given by Russinor
GLOW WORM Search reeds NORTH EAST of Marsh
GOLD NUGGET Given in exchange for returning lost property
HOOKS Buy from store
HORN Examine dead Putrons in camp
INCENSE Found in the Temple of the Moon, in the village
JEWELLERY In the shelter at the Dell
KEYRING Initially on the Putron by the Cell
KNIFE On the kitchen table
LOGS Help the Lumberjack in the wood
MANUSCRIPT Obtained from Sajo when in his room
MAP Buy from the Pedlar, use more than coin!
MEAT Bought from the butcher
NEEDLE Sit on a chair in your room
PAPER Examine junk, chairs, tables, etc., in the Untidy Room
PETTICOAT In your room
RING Dropped by the Tramp in exchange for a coin
ROPE Buy from store
SALT Scrape off slab in cove
SICKLE Found in the straw in the barn
STICK Found on the Plains
STRING Examine desk in Father's Room
SWORD In the shelter at the Dell
TALISMAN Obtained in the Temple of the Sun
THREAD Buy from the Pedlar
TINDERBOX Your reward for returning a certain pet
TOWEL Examine the bed in your Father's Room
TRINKETS Buy from the Pedlar
WIRE Examine turrets of Tower

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