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There are three places you really need to know about in this game. These are Oxford Gardens, Smallman Street and Brook Court. At these locations the exits are to the west and can only be accessed by going to them by taxi or by flying as Redhawk. Three items can be found at these locations: the cat which is given to the RAT, the wellies which are worn as Redhawk so FUSOR cannot kill him when he strikes with a lightning bolt. And finally, a pair of gloves which are given to the scientist (must be before 15:00 hrs.) when you are Kevin. The scientist will then do an analysis of them and tell you that they show traces of explosives. These gloves are then given to the professor. The pink tube found on the train is given to Lesley.

A magnet is found at the power station. This is taken by Redhawk and given to TECHNO. When Redhawk is given a radio in return for catching the first mugger, drop it, change to Kevin and pick it up again. Kevin can now listen to the radio and find out when robberies and muggings are taking place.

On FUSOR, the RAT, TECHNO and MERLIN have cards. To get the cards, examine.... (name) then type TAKE (colour) CARD from (name). This will work with all except Merlin. To get a card from Merlin, enter the gallery as Kevin and examine MERLIN. Then say KWAH and examine MERLIN again. Then proceed to take the card.

At the Warehouse there is a vase. This is found by examining the Warehouse and is taken to the museum and given to the curator. In return he gives you a book. Read it and you are given some important information. (To get into the museum initially, you must be Redhawk).

When all four cards have been collected and the information gleaned from the book, the gloves given to the professor and the pink tube to Lesley, you must go to Heath station and drop the radio. Type in the following all in one sentence.... D, D, S, E, E, U, say "KWAH", U. Then you will be at the Reactor Complex. Hit the professor and insert the cards into the bomb in the same order in which you found them. When this is done you have completed the game.

Points to remember: every time there is a mugging, arrest the mugger and take a photo. This ensures that your popularity is kept topped up so that you keep the radio. Also, only become Redhawk when it is really necessary.

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