Sinclair ZX Spectrum
Some programs
Here are a few example programs for experimenting with. "Text Edit" (No. 1) uses the printer like a typewriter except that it automatically prevents words from being chopped in half by the end of the line.

Programs 2 and 3 are not specifically for the printer, but the graphics they produce on the screen are quite effective when COPY is used. No. 2 takes up to 40 characters and enlarges them 4 times using PLOT and the ZX81's built-in character set. This program runs very slowly! Two examples of pretty pictures are plotted by the 2 programs given as No. 3, which may be easily modified to give other variations.

Both these last two programs plot rather slowly due to the amount of calculation they have to do, so program 4 is designed to tack on the end of either of them (or any graphics program). It saves the final pictures in A$; once this is done, the results of your program can be recalled quickly with PRINT A$. The original program may then be erased if you wish - line by line, though; remember NEW will clear the array you've just spent so much effort in filling up. A RAM pack will be necessary in order to fit in all the storage.

Program 5 is simple yet it enables complex pictures to be drawn on the screen and to be subsequently printed.

If key 1 is pressed a flashing black square will appear. This can be moved over the whole screen area using keys 5, 6, 7 and 8. It will leave a black trail. If key 0 is pressed the flashing black square will rub out everything in its path, as it is moved around the screen.

If key 2 is pressed the flashing square disappears and may be moved aside without upsetting your composition. When your picture is completed key 3 should be pressed and the picture will be printed out.

This program really needs the 16k RAM pack as only the most elementary picture can be drawn without it.

Combine this program with program 4 which stores the display so that your space monster is available for instant recall.

Sinclair ZX Spectrum

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