A Tourist's Guide to Wilderland

Picture of Location

The cellar where the king keeps his barrels of wine.

This location provides a way through to the second half of the adventure, via the trap door. Going through is not an easy task, as below is the fast moving Forestriver in which you cannot swim. If you do not have the magic ring then the task will be made harder still as the butler may capture you. Consulting The Hobbit tells us that Bilbo and his partners escaped in a barrel. HELP confirms that you can do this - 'TIMING IS CRITICAL. REMEMBER BARRELS FLOAT.'
To aid your escape it is important that the butler does not see you, so remember to enter WEAR RING frequently or you must make sure you are in the barrel or through the trap door before you are seen and captured. If, as sometimes happens, you arrive to find the butler dead then you can't rely on him to throw the barrel through the trap-door. Your only solution then is to manage to get the barrel in the water and yourself on it.
To go through the trap door, enter:
OPEN BARREL - if no barrel is visible then enter WAIT and try again.
DRINK WINE - This only applies if there is some wine in the barrel, producing shome intereshting reshultsh!
CLOSE BARREL - There may not be time to enter this, or the butler may close it himself.
WAIT - Repeat this until the butler throws you into the water and you find yourself on the banks of Long Lake.
If the butler sees and captures you at any point, wait to leave the dungeon, wear the ring and try again. The butler follows a fixed pattern of movement and studying this can provide clues as to the timing of your escape. And of course you could always KILL BUTLER WITH SWORD - GET BARREL - THROW BARREL and JUMP!
NORTH - the elven king's great halls
DOWN - Forestriver, through the trap door.
NORTHEAST - A dark dungeon in the elven king's halls, through the red door.
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