A Tourist's Guide to Wilderland

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Most of the game's locations are listed here and can be used for reference. The list is alphabetical, the location names in most cases being those which you will see when you first enter the location or use LOOK. Solutions given here are not always the only possible ones - there are often several ways in which a problem can be solved.


Beorn's house
the bewitched gloomy place
a big cavern with torches along the walls
a bleak barren land that was once green
the cellar where the king keeps his barrels of wine
a clearing with two stone trolls
a comfortable tunnel like hall
a dark dungeon in the elven king's halls
the dark stuffy passage
the dark winding passage
the east bank of a black river
the elven king's great halls
an elvish clearing with levelled ground and logs
the empty place
the forest
a forest of tangled smothering trees
the forest road
the forest road
the front gate of the Lonely Mountain
the gate to Mirkwood
a gloomy empty land with dreary hills ahead
the goblins' dungeon
the great river
the green forest
the halls where the dragon sleeps
a hard dangerous path in the misty mountains
a hidden path with trolls' footprints
inside the goblins' gate
a large dry cave which is quite comfortable
a little steep bay, still and quiet, with an overhanging cliff
the Lonely Mountain
Long Lake
the mountains
a narrow path
a narrow dangerous path
a narrow place with a dreadful drop into a dim valley
outside goblins' gate
a place of black spiders
the ruins of the town of Dale
the running river
a smooth straight passage
a strong river
the treeless opening
the trolls' cave
the trolls' clearing
the waterfall
the west bank of a black river
the west side of Ravenhill
a wooden town in the middle of Long Lake

Extracted from
A Guide to playing The Hobbit
© David Elkan, 1984
Published by Melbourne House (Publishers) Ltd.
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