A Tourist's Guide to Wilderland

Picture of Location


This is Elrond's home and he is usually to be found here. HELP gives the message 'ELVES ARE GOOD AT READING SYMBOLS', so Elrond can read the curious map for you.
It is important that you do ask Elrond to read the map, as otherwise the links between locations mentioned on the map will not appear in the game, and you may not be able to complete the adventure.
Elrond will reply with one of several messages, which vary from game to game. These include:
'Go east from Long Lake to get to Lake Town'
'Go east from the forest gate to get to the bewitched gloomy place'
'Go north from Beorn's house to get to the great river'
'Go east from the Misty Mountain to get to a narrow place'
'Go west from the treeless opening to get to outside goblins' gate'
If you wait here, you will also receive some lunch:
WAIT - Repeat this command until Elrond gives some lunch to you.
EAST - a hard dangerous path in the Misty Mountains.
WEST - the trolls' clearing.
Do not go west until you are certain that day has dawned.
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