A Tourist's Guide to Wilderland

Picture of Location

The trolls' clearing.

The less than friendly greeting the trolls give you here should alert you to their danger - you should leave immediately.
The hideous troll, however, is carrying the large key which you will need to help you continue the game. HELP provides the clue as to how you can take the key - 'WAIT FOR THE NEW DAY DAWNING'. Consulting the book The Hobbit at this stage reveals that trolls turn to stone in daylight, so you must leave and return once day has dawned.
One way of doing this would be:
NORTH - Leave.
WAIT - Repeat this until day dawns.
SOUTH - Return to the clearing.
TAKE KEY - Now that the trolls are harmless.
SOUTHWEST - a gloomy empty land with dreary hills ahead.
SOUTHEAST - Rivendell.
NORTH - a hidden path with trolls' footprints.
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