A Tourist's Guide to Wilderland

Picture of Location

The west bank of a black river.

Here you must somehow cross the river. Swimming is of no use, as you will fall asleep in the mysterious waters and drown. In The Hobbit Bilbo used a boat and you, too, must follow this course of action, confirmed by HELP - 'BOATS CAN HELP. LOOK CAREFULLY'. No boat is visible, but enter:
THROW ROPE ACROSS - Repeat until the rope lands in the boat on the other side of the river.
PULL ROPE - The boat will glide across.
CLIMB INTO BOAT - The boat will move by itself and carry you to the east bank.
If Thorin is with you he can be left here. It would also be a help if at this point you do have the valuable golden ring, though it is not essential.
WEST - the bewitched gloomy place.
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