A Tourist's Guide to Wilderland

Picture of Location

The goblins' dungeon.

Having been captured, the most obvious course of action is to try and escape. The door and window seem the most likely routes, but the door cannot be opened or smashed from this side and the window is too high to reach. HELP gives the clue - 'A WINDOW SHOULD BE NO OBSTACLE TO A THIEF WITH FRIENDS.'
You are the thief, a name Bilbo is called by the other characters in The Hobbit. Before escaping, however, there is a key hidden here which should be retrieved. To do this, enter the following commands:
DIG SAND - This will reveal a trap door.
BREAK TRAP DOOR - This may take a very long time. Repeat until the door breaks.
TAKE KEY - This is the small curious key.
Thorin may take the small curious key himself, as it belonged to his father, Thrain.
To leave the dungeon, you must be carried through the window by one of the other characters. This can only be done if you are not carrying too much, so eating any food or lunch which you may have with you will help to reduce the amount which you are carrying.
WAIT - This is only needed if no other character is present. Repeat until one enters.
SAY TO THORIN 'CARRY ME' - Gandalf could do the same if Thorin is not present.
SAY TO THORIN 'OPEN WINDOW' - Or Gandalf. Be careful as the window may already be open and Thorin will not respond.
SAY TO THORIN 'WEST' - Through the window, into the dark winding passage.
NORTH - a big cavern with torches along the walls, through the goblins' door.
WEST - the dark winding passage, through the window.
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