The ZX80 Operating Manual

Sinclair ZX Spectrum
When results are displayed, a code n/m is displayed where: n is the error number, m is a line number in the program
 Stmt type   Code   meaning 
  0 (m = next line that would have been executed) BREAK pressed.
(m = -1 or -2) Command successfully completed.
(m < 0 or > largest line number in program) GO TO m was executed.
(m = largest line number in program) end of program.
NEXT 1 *m NEXT <id> where <td> Is not the control variable of an active FOR loop.
Any 2 *m variable name not found (any variable being used, or array name of an array element being assigned to).
Any 3 *m subscript out of range, or error of any kind while evaluating a subscript.



4 *m no room to add new variable or to assign a longer string to a string variable or to screen.
PRINT 5 *m no more room on screen.
Any 6 arithmetic overflow (result > 32767 or < -32768, also result = -32768 in some circumstances.
RETURN 7 *m RETURN with no corresponding GOSUB.
INPUT 8 INPUT can only be used in a program, not directly.
STOP 9 STOP statement executed.
    *m = line number of offending statement.
CONTINUE   is the same as GO TO m, except after code 9 when it is GO TO m+1.

Sinclair ZX Spectrum

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