Sinclair ZX Spectrum
Connecting up
Before connecting anything to your computer, pull its power plug out. If you have a RAM pack, unplug that too. The edge socket on the end of the printer's cable now pushes onto the back of the computer through the rectangular slot - which is on the left of the ZX80 and on the right of the ZX81 (looking from the front). The printer will work perfectly well without a RAM pack, but if you have one an extra plug has been provided behind the printer's socket so that the two may be stacked together. Just push the RAM into the back of the socket housing the same way as if you were connecting it to the computer. The printer should now sit neatly on the right hand side of the ZX80/81.

IMPORTANT: Since the printer takes a lot of power, a new power supply is provided which must be used in place of the old computer supply, and which plugs into the same socket on the ZX80 or ZX81. No harm will be done using the replacement supply all the time, even if the printer isn't connected.

Note: since you shouldn’t connect the printer without switching the computer off first, it's a good idea to have the printer always plugged in just in case - otherwise you'll have to save your program to tape while you fiddle about with plugs and sockets.
See LPRINT error inside back cover

Sinclair ZX Spectrum

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