Sinclair ZX Spectrum
The paper
The ZX printer uses its own special metallized paper, which can be supplied by Sinclair Research. Other metal-coated papers will work, but may give smeared, fuzzy or faint printing - others contain cadmium in the coating and could be a health risk. Non-metallized paper won't work at all.

How to load a fresh reel of paper
  Press on the underneath of the reel carrier to disengage it from the printer.   With the reel carrier pulled out of the printer, take out the empty cardboard tube - but save the plastic hubs in the ends  
  Thread the end of the new reel underneath the metal roller.   Push the hubs into the reel, and clip it into the carrier  
  Pull some of the paper through, hold the carrier as shown and clip it back into the printer body.  
  This may be done while the printer and computer are switched on, so long as care is taken not to disturb the connections.  

Sinclair ZX Spectrum

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