Crash Reviews


Sinclair ZX Spectrum
10th Frame US Gold Ltd 55% (Issue 38, p30) A valiant attempt to convert a game that probably isn't suited to the Spectrum.
10th Frame US Gold Ltd 53% (Issue 58, p111) For fans only. Just far too easy!
180 Mastertronic Added Dimension  72% (Issue 35, p36) Best ever darts game.
1942 Elite Systems Ltd 63% (Issue 33, p24) A reasonable conversion of a game that wasn't very good to start with.
1943: The Battle Of Midway  Go! 46% (Issue 57, p87) A poor sequel to the equally dull 1942.
1984 Incentive Software Ltd 76% (Issue 2, p104) A excellent strategy game with tons of scope.
1985 - The Day After Mastertronic Ltd 21% (Issue 25, p20) Not bad, but really ancient in comparison to Mastertronic's recent offerings.
1994: Ten Years After Visions Software Factory 75% (Issue 3, p52) A very good game spoiled by a few details and its price
19 Part 1: Boot Camp Cascade Games Ltd 91% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 56, p14)  A superb package of four well-presented playable events which gives great value for money.
1st Division Manager Code Masters Ltd 86% (Issue 92, p64) Graphics, sound and great presentation, everything that a management game should be!
2003: A Space Oddity DK'Tronics Ltd 49% (Issue 3, p123) Not really an adventure, and certainly not arcade. Not particularly good value for money.
2088 Zeppelin Games Ltd 40% (Issue 58, p23) Very small, primitive sprites on a mostly vacant background.
2112 AD Design Design Software 83% (Issue 26, p40) Good animated adventure.
2 Player Soccer Squad Cult Games 17% (Issue 92, p65) Offers nothing to the player with it's meaningless options. It simply isn't entertaining.
3D, The Best of Vortex Vortex Software (Issue 42, p15) Four games - Revolution - Highway Encounter - Tornado Low Level - Android Two.
3DC Hit-Pak 74% (Issue 43, p18) Each game in itself is average, with 3DC coming out on top, but the whole package represents good value and hours of playing time.
3D Construction Kit, The Domark Ltd (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 88, p39) An excellent game creation utility.
3-Deep Space Postern Ltd 44% (Issue 1, p97) Poor.
3D Pool Firebird Software Ltd 70% (Issue 65, p16) The 3-D revamp gives a new lease of life to the old tabletop favourite.
3D Pool Firebird Software Ltd 75% (Issue 98, p81) If you'te into snooker sims, this is an essential purchase!
4 Game Pack No. 1 Atlantis Software Ltd 70% (Issue 97, p64) Simple but addictive games for an unbeatable price.
4 Most Action Alternative Software Ltd 65% (Issue 89, p31) Strike Force Cobra - Combat Zone - Gun Boat - Dead Or Alive.
4 Most Sports Alternative Software Ltd 52% (Issue 89, p31) Run For Gold - Endzone - Rally Driver - Soccer Boss
4 Soccer Simulators Code Masters Gold 75% (Issue 60, p26) With essentially four games in one, this is excellent value for money.
4-Star J.K. Greye Enterprises Ltd 25% (Issue 4, p116) Generally a waste of money.
4th Dimension Hewson Consultants Ltd 50% (Issue 75, p42) A compilation to disappoint - mediocrity in the 4th dimension!
4x4 Off-Road Racing US Gold Ltd 42% (Issue 62, p18) An interesting idea poorly executed.
5 In A Row Hill MacGibbon (Issue 29, p60) A deceptively simple game which is useful in encouraging skills of logical and predictive thinking. Excellent for getting young children to move from their self-centred world towards thinking what others may do, or for helping older children master the skills of co-ordinates.
720 Degrees US Gold Ltd 81% (Issue 47, p26) A playable simulation without much depth.
750cc Grand Prix Code Masters Ltd 72% (Issue 86, p45) A great bike racing game that gives the genre a new twist - literally.
911 TS Dunlop & Elite Systems Ltd 58% (Issue 17, p119) An attractive looking game which tends to be boring.


Transcriptions by Chris Bourne
Sinclair ZX Spectrum