Crash Reviews


Sinclair ZX Spectrum
V Ocean Software Ltd 70% (Issue 29, p26) A neat arcade adventure, but where are The Visitors?
Vagan Attack Atlantis Software Ltd 73% (Issue 9, p11) Tremendous value for 'Trek' fans, generally good value for most players, makes for a good two-players-on-the-same-side game.
Valhalla Legend 81.5% (Issue 1, p41) An excellent program all round, which has gone further with graphics than any adventure game yet, but with reservations about the ultimate appeal of the quest, and an expensive game to buy.
Valkyrie 17 The RamJam Corporation 80% (Issue 11, p110) Very humorous adventure.
Vampire Dinamic Software 51% (Issue 35, p37) Another slight variation on a rather tired theme.
Vampire Village Terminal Software 63.5% (Issue 1, p92) Above average, unusual type of adventure.
Vectorball Mastertronic Added Dimension 58% (Issue 56, p94) This game soon loses its appeal.
Vectron Insight Software 92% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 24, p36)  A brilliant arcade shoot em up.
Vegetable Crash Kuma Computers Ltd 63% (Issue 5, p100) An oddball version of an old game, well implemented but perhaps a bit slow and repetitive for the experienced shoot 'em up addict.
Vendetta System 3 Software Ltd 91% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 78, p42) A brilliant arcade/strategy game. Grab that crowbar and go for it.
Vera Cruz Affair, The Infogrames 85% (Issue 35, p96) Good detective yarn.
Vertigo Ventamatic 69% (Issue 9, p111) Well worth considering, generally above average.
Very Big Cave Adventure, The  CRL Group PLC 82% (Issue 32, p64) Good jaunt.
Video Poker Entertainment USA 35% (Issue 34, p132) Another poker/fruit machine simulator, competent but uninspiring.
Video Pool Oxford Computer Publishing 69% (Issue 15, p14) A enjoyable game but apart from the smooth graphics this is a fairly standard version.
View to a Kill, A Domark Ltd 76% (Issue 18, p18) Certainly worth having.
Vigilante US Gold Ltd 86% (Issue 64, p86) Excellent graphics and challenging gameplay make this an addictive beat-'em-up.
Vikings, The Challenge Software 59% (Issue 75, p43) A reasonable strategy excursion into unexplored historical territory.
Village Underworld Orpheus Ltd 70% (Issue 15, p98) Worth exploring, especially for the novice adventurer.
Vindicator, The Imagine Software Ltd 80% (Issue 57, p20) An intriguing mixture of game sections makes The Vindicator good value for money.
Vindicators Domark Ltd 49% (Issue 64, p80) This is the most boring game I've played for ages.
Virtual Worlds Domark Ltd 86% (Issue 91, p63) Great compilation, representing a landmark in Speccy gaming.
Virus Firebird Software Ltd 77% (Issue 55, p14) A playable conversion of a 16-bit game. Just slightly too hard to keep you really hooked.
Virus Orange Software 62% (Issue 7, p88) Above average.
Virus Spectrum Adventure Exchange Club  65% (Issue 53, p49): Doesn't exactly stand head and shoulders above the crowd.
Vixen Martech Games Ltd 60% (Issue 54, p83) After all the hype Vixen has turned out to be quite an attractive little game, albeit with short-lived appeal.
Viz - The Computer Game Virgin Games Ltd 43% (Issue 90, p47) The packaging says 'You'll never play a bigger load of crap!' Correct!
Voice Editor and File Manager Quasar Software (Issue 53, p62) This is a very excellent utility.
Voidrunner Mastertronic Added Dimension 54% (Issue 43, p23) Mixed opinions but generally considered above average - Minter freaks may find it more appealing.
Volcanic Planet Thorn Emi Video Ltd 69% (Issue 1, p34) Very good, pity about the lack of sound.
Volcano Computer Magic 45% (Issue 12, p80) A very large game, but generally below average, especially at the price.
Vowels of the Earth - Part One I.E.C. Software (Issue 31, p78) An extremely useful and professional game which would be of benefit to any child with a spelling problem.
Voyage Into the Unknown Mastertronic Ltd 9% (Issue 8, p12) A waste of money.
Vulcan CCS 94% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 39, p72) The state of the art in Spectrum wargaming.


Transcriptions by Chris Bourne 
Sinclair ZX Spectrum