Crash Reviews


Sinclair ZX Spectrum
Oblivion Alpha-Omega Software 45% (Issue 35, p35) Cheap and mindless.
Ocean Conqueror Rack-It 77% (Issue 45, p27) The best submarine simulation in the fleet.
Octagon Budgie Budget Software 47% (Issue 41, p33) An unusual game which appears more complex than it really is, and not very addictive.
Octagon Squad, The Mastertronic Ltd 49% (Issue 33, p128) Difficult to get into, and it's doubtful whether the effort is justified.
Octan Silverbird Software Ltd 51% (Issue 55, p103) A standard quality shoot-'em-up at a cheap and cheerful price.
Odyssey 1 Perfection Software 72% (Issue 1, p12) Words fail this game - brilliant.
Office Master Gemini Marketing Ltd (Issue 30, p90) The individual programs may not be the hottest thing on a Spectrum, but given the restricted market for this application that really isn't to be expected.
Oh Mummy!! Gem Software 69% (Issue 1, p34) Good - fun to play.
Ole, Toro Dinamic Software 57% (Issue 34, p23) Original concept, but lacks appeal.
O Level Maths GCE Tutoring (Issue 33, p50) Covers a lot of ground in a rather sketchy way. Amateurish.
Oligopoly CCS (Issue 40, p105) Interesting and realistic simulations of different business situations. useful for encouraging the users to handle a wealth of different information.
Oliver's Music Box Cosmic Pop (Issue 30, p92) If some of the features were tidied up, it would be quite good.
Olli & Lissa: The Ghost of Shilmore Castle  Firebird Software Ltd 78% (Issue 34, p135) Solid, scary, entertainment.
Olli & Lissa 3: The Candlelight Adventure Cartoon Time 90% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 73, p46) This was an instant hit with me and I'm sure you'll love it too.
Olympiad '86 Atlantis Software Ltd 26% (Issue 33, p115) Even as a budget title this game adds nothing to the decathlon/sports genre.
Olympics CRL Group PLC 45% (Issue 5, p84) Poor to average once the novelty value has gone.
Olympimania Automata UK Ltd 66% (Issue 4, p115) Zany, silly, almost certainly worth it if you're a Pimaniac, generally quite hard, not madly addictive.
Omadan Attack Avalon Software Ltd 42% (Issue 7, p40) Poor.
Omega Run, The CRL Group PLC 87% (Issue 2, p89) Playable, addictive and recommended.
Ometron Software Projects Ltd 80% (Issue 3, p38) Good.
Omnicalc 2 Microsphere (Issue 14, p82) Shows itself to be a really professional tool.
One Man and His Droid Mastertronic Ltd 76% (Issue 23, p164) A neat product, especially at the price.
One of our Wombats is Missing Zenobi Software 61% (Issue 91, p55) Not bad, but should have been a hell of a lot better.
One on One Ariolasoft UK Ltd 39% (Issue 21, p39) Buying this wouldn't be a good way to spend your money.
On The Bench Cult Games 50% (Issue 55, p76) Due to little involvement there is a clear lack of atmosphere.
On the Run Design Design Software  91% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 20, p24) An excellent game which should appeal.
Operation Berlin Wrightchoice Software 75% (Issue 43, p74) Interesting.
Operation Gunship Code Masters Ltd 90% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 69, p49) The best budget game of this month.
Operation Hormuz Again Again 34% (Issue 61, p64) An old-looking game at a new high price.
Operation Stallion Wrightchoice Software 73% (Issue 41, p62) Interesting.
Operation Thunderbolt Ocean Software Ltd 91% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 71, p62) The improved 'eat lead death, sucker' formula used in Operation Wolf delivers a winner for Ocean!
Operation Turtle Pocket Money Software 50% (Issue 28, p92) Hackneyed and showing its age.
Operation Wolf Ocean Software Ltd 91% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 59, p18) A great conversion of the popular coin-op which couldn't be bettered.
Operation Wolf Ocean Software Ltd 65% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 67, p13) A great conversion of the popular coin-op which couldn't be bettered.
Opposition Pulsonic 28% (Issue 5, p34) Simple in concept, too hard in play.
Oracle's Cave, The Doric Computer Services 70% (Issue 1, p94) Unusual adventure type, good.
Orbix the Terrorball Streetwise 62% (Issue 36, p180) Dull game, tricky controls.
Orc Attack Creative Sparks 91% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 4, p16) Original, addictive, highly recommended.
Oriental Games Micro Style 82% (Issue 76, p40) A four-in-one action pack with enough kick and punch for four.
Oriental Hero Firebird Software Ltd 30% (Issue 44, p18) A crude follow-up to Ninja Master with unwieldy gameplay.
Orion Software Projects Ltd 76% (Issue 4, p82) Very good, addictive.
Orm and Cheep in Narrow Squeaks
and The Birthday Party
Macmillan Software Ltd 42% (Issue 22, p24) Both games are totally awful.
Orpheus Visions Software Factory  36% (Issue 5, p91) Below average, not really worth the money.
Our Class Teachers Pet Software (Issue 56, p108) The program represents a helpful and relevant teaching aid for use with the 7-10 age range.
Outcast CRL Group PLC 62% (Issue 46, p24) Not fast on action, but an enjoyable arcade adventure nonetheless.
Out for the Count Dynamite Designs 32% (Issue 80, p47) Realistic, but definitely not the best boxing around.
Outlaw Players Premier Software 53% (Issue 82, p56) A good looking game but when it comes to playability it's a greenhorn.
Out of the Shadows Mizar Computing 90% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 11, p108)  Excellent.
Out of the Shadows Mizar Computing 90% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 27, p71)  Excellent.
Out of this World Reaktor 33% (Issue 49, p96) A very disappointing clone, with none of its genre's good characteristics but all the bad.
Out Run US Gold Ltd 72% (Issue 49, p22) Views were split between 'the best you could have expected' and 'a poor translation of a great arcade game'.
Out Run US Gold Ltd 58% (Issue 83, p63) The graphics are not too bad but it's things like speed, the multi-load and music that let it down.
Outworld Sapphire Software 58% (Issue 27, p82) Nearly hit the mark. Not for me but still better than many others of this type.
Overkill Atlantis Software Ltd 39% (Issue 55, p81) Not much to pay, not much to play.
Overlander Elite Systems Ltd 85% (Issue 56, p12) Fast, smooth, playable - hot stuff!
Overlander Elite Systems Ltd 68% (Issue 76, p48) A fun car game to keep all speed freaks busy for some time.
Overlord CCS 84% (Issue 51, p51) An excellent game with infuriating aspects.
Overlords MC Lothlorien Ltd (Issue 17, p124) A bit bizarre, maybe Lothlorien's best yet.


Transcriptions by Chris Bourne 
Sinclair ZX Spectrum