Crash Reviews


Sinclair ZX Spectrum
Galactic Games Activision Inc 71% (Issue 49, p87) Galactic Games gives a clever and funny twist to the decathlon format.
Galactic Warriors Abacus Programs 67% (Issue 1, p73) Good.
Galaxias Delta 4 Software 70% (Issue 27, p71) Entertaining.
Galaxy Force 2 Activision Inc 79% (Issue 72, p50) Smashing game well converted, though the multi-load is a right pain.
Galletron Bulldog 29% (Issue 43, p19) A dull game without much challenge.
Gallipoli CCS 87% (Issue 35, p126) Limited appeal maybe, but admirably implemented.
Galvan - Cosmo Police Imagine Software Ltd 65% (Issue 35, p150) Will disappoint arcade devotees.
Game Maker, 2D CRL Group PLC 49% (Issue 59, p14) Fiddling with the designer is great fun, but sadly, the game you end up with can never be very good.
Game Over Dinamic Software 55% (Issue 44, p106) A disappointing blasting game - the packaging is misleadingly interesting.
Game Over 2 Imagine Software Ltd 60% (Issue 58, p17) A flashy box conceals mediocre contents.
Games Designer, The Quicksilva Ltd 92% (Issue 2, p40) Highly recommended. Since the ratings hardly apply to this program we asked the reviewers to give an overall percentage. It was 92%.
Games - Summer Edition, The US Gold Ltd 88% (Issue 64, p11) Nice graphics, great gameplay - another excellent Epyx sports sim, best played with friends.
Games - Winter Edition, The US Gold Ltd 80% (Issue 56, p20) Although the events involve simple control, together they make up a fun sports package which is especially playable with friends - the more the merrier!
Gangsters! Sinclair Programs 58.5% (Issue 1, p73) Good.
Garfield: Big, Fat, Hairy Deal The Edge Software 90% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 50, p18)  Funny and addictive - with real arcade-adventure challenge as well as comic-strip slapstick.
Gary Lineker's Hot-Shot Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd  64% (Issue 63, p86) A technically sound, but simplistic soccer simulation.
Gary Lineker's Super Star Soccer Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd 52% (Issue 49, p12) A disappointing football game which falls far short of its potential.
Gatecrasher Quicksilva Ltd 74% (Issue 7, p86) If you enjoy puzzles, then this is excellent, perhaps a little pricey.
Gauntlet US Gold Ltd 92% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 37, p16) This conversion is let down a little by the graphics and sound, but the gameplay more than makes up for such deficiencies.
Gauntlet US Gold Ltd 85% (Issue 58, p110) If you were silly enough to miss it first time around, get it NOW!
Gauntlet 2 US Gold Ltd 65% (Issue 49, p94) A follow-up for sure, but hardly different enough from Gauntlet to be a valuable supplement.
Gauntlet 3: The Final Quest US Gold Ltd 90% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 87, p48) As addictive and as fun to play as ever, Gauntlet 3 is the bee's knees and it'll give you a buzz!
Gazza's Super Soccer Empire Software 59% (Issue 73, p39) Unfortunately, Gazza joins so many football games and gets the red card.
Gee-Bee Air Rally Activision Inc 66% (Issue 52, p11) Unfulfilled potential.
Gemini Wing Virgin Mastertronic Ltd 63% (Issue 68, p44) Decent blaster, with a good theme, but doesn't work well so well on the Speccy.
Gemini Wing Virgin Mastertronic Ltd 52% (Issue 87, p50) Just another shoot-'em-up, really, and not much fun.
General, The CCS 90% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 74, p41) No Spectrum wargamer should miss out!
Geoff Capes Strong Man Martech Games Ltd 78% (Issue 24, p42) A pleasant change from perpetual joystick waggling 'athlete' games.
Geography Disney Software (Issue 39, p95) I certainly gleaned all sorts of information merely by working through this unit.
German Visions Software (Issue 48, p53) This is a comprehensive and interesting program which would be a useful revision aid.
Gerry the Germ Firebird Software Ltd 45% (Issue 27, p136) A lovely idea spoilt be being too difficult to play.
G-Force EMM Software 79% (Issue 4, p123) High unusual shoot 'em up with very good appeal and plenty of addictivity. Recommended.
Ghostbusters Activision Inc 60% (Issue 13, p110) Average quality but boring and poor value for money.
Ghostbusters 2 Activision Inc 74% (Issue 72, p50) Slick, with good graphics and sound, but sadly playability doesn't match presentation.
Ghost Hunters Code Masters Ltd 77% (Issue 41, p20) An entertaining game with the added bonus of two-player mode, playable but might shade off in long-term appeal.
Ghost Rider Positive Image 60% (Issue 10, p21) Above average idea with medium playability, may appeal more to younger players.
Ghosts 'N Goblins Elite Systems Ltd 95% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 30, p28) Yet another very competent Capcom conversion from Elite. Very playable and addictive.
Ghosts 'N Goblins Elite Systems Ltd 86% (Issue 70, p48) A cheap game packed with playability and challenging problems.
Ghoulies IMS Software 60% (Issue 17, p102) Difficult to get into.
Ghouls 'N Ghosts US Gold Ltd 92% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 71, p56) A stunningly executed conversion, with great scrolling routines and a very, very, very playable game to boot!
Ghouls 'N Ghosts US Gold Ltd 85% (Issue 98, p80) A compelling and addictive platform romp.
Giant's Revenge Thor Computer Software 64% (Issue 9, p95) A great looking game that somehow lacks real playability.
Giddy Game Show, The Mirrorsoft Ltd (Issue 34, p58) Four well thought-out games which will have great appeal for the very young child - though parents may be driven mad by the tunes.
Gift From the Gods Ocean Software Ltd 84% (Issue 13, p54) An original, enjoyable game with a wide range of playing options, generally excellent, pity about the higher price.
G.I. Hero Firebird Software Ltd 56% (Issue 61, p18) A nice game to look at, but unexciting to play.
Gilbert: Escape from Drill Again Again 76% (Issue 67, p42) Disgusting creature, smart game!
Gilligan's Gold Ocean Software Ltd 79% (Issue 11, p102) Very good, playable and addictive.
Give My Regards To Broad Street Mind Games 81% (Issue 17, p29) An involving game that is both novel and well designed.
Gladiator 48k Domark Ltd 77% (Issue 24, p22) A complicated fighting game which has a lot of depth.
Glass Quicksilva Ltd 82% (Issue 18, p36) Graphically an excellent and very pleasing shoot em up.
Glider Rider 128k Quicksilva Ltd 92% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 34, p18) A bit of a let down for faithful 48K-ers but still a well above average and original game.
Glider Rider 48k Quicksilva Ltd 80% (Issue 34, p18) A bit of a let down for faithful 48K-ers but still a well above average and original game.
Glider Simulator Macmillan Software Ltd 
/Sinclair Research Ltd 
40% (Issue 24, p137) I'm afraid we gave this a thumbs down as lacking entertainment value, and with a minimal educational content.
G-Loc R360 US Gold Ltd 74% (Issue 97, p54) Super-fast, super-hard coin-op action.
Glug-Glug CRL Group PLC 78% (Issue 4, p123) Well above average to good, not necessarily very challenging but quite addictive anyway.
Gobstopper Calisto 66% (Issue 5, p35) Good.
Gods of War, The Nebula Designs Software 86% (Issue 47, p39) Well worth looking at.
Gold, Silver, Bronze US Gold Ltd 91% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 57, p28) With 23 events Gold, Silver, Bronze has everything any sports fan could wish for. A fun-packed compilation that represents excellent value for money.
Golden Axe Virgin Games Ltd 76% (Issue 84, p72) Fans of the arcade original will enjoy playing this more than the uninitiated.
Golden Pyramid Zenobi Software 90% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 92, p52) All in all, an excellent game and plenty of value for your dosh.
Golden Sword of Bhakhor, The Zenobi Software 76% (Issue 91, p54) A decent adventure but never really excites.
Gold Rush Thorn Emi Video Ltd 63% (Issue 1, p31) Average to good, and unusually addictive.
Goonies, The US Gold Ltd 60% (Issue 35, p41) Good two player game, but tough.
Gordello's Demise Tartan Software 82% (Issue 84, p39) Not quite having the oomph of Gordello Incident this is still a worthy sequel.
Gotcha! Blaby Computer Games 77% (Issue 1, p13) Expert addicts only!
Gothik Firebird Software Ltd 56% (Issue 52, p25) The feeling was that we've had enough of this type of game.
Go to Hell Triple Six 70% (Issue 19, p45) A bit sick, otherwise above average.
Graham Gooch's Test Cricket Audiogenic Software Ltd 65% (Issue 25, p13) Best cricket simulation yet on the Spectrum.
Grammer Tree, The - Verbs and Adverbs  Sulis Software Ltd (Issue 33, p49) A good way to put the user off studying grammar for life.
Grand National Elite Systems Ltd 79% (Issue 16, p36) Best horse racing simulation for the Spectrum, mixed opinions on playability and addictive qualities.
Grand Prix D&H Games 33% (Issue 87, p48) At a tenner Grand Prix is very poor value for money.
Grand Prix Circuit Accolade Inc 53% (Issue 82, p51) A mediocre racing sim with looks too similar to Accolade's previous release The Cycles.
Grand Prix Driver Britannia Software Ltd 55% (Issue 1, p74) Fair to average.
Grand Prix Simulator Code Masters Ltd 42% (Issue 45, p23) A below-average race-driving simulation.
Grandstand Domark Ltd 61% (Issue 93, p63) Not much quality-wise but could prove entertaining for sport fans.
Grange Hill Argus Press Software Ltd 70% (Issue 40, p52) Interesting theme and in some ways, interesting to play, but fundamentally flawed.
Graphic Adventure Creator Incentive Software Ltd (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 32, p84) The response to this product should be extraordinary. Buy it.
Great Escape, The Ocean Software Ltd 96% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 35, p16) An excellent game - one to buy.
Great Escape, The Ocean Software Ltd 90% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 74, p46) Take it from me, this is brilliant!
Greatest Show On Earth, The Central Solutions 31% (Issue 33, p27) An interesting idea but lacks finesse.
Great Fire of London Rabbit Software Ltd 71% (Issue 22, p142) I still have reservations but the game has a tremendous amount to offer.
Great Giana Sisters, The Rainbow Arts 92% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 55, p12) Highly addictive and great fun to play. Plenty of hidden passages and surprise features should keep you hooked for weeks.
Great Gurianos Hit-Pak 53% (Issue 43, p18) Each game in itself is average, with 3DC coming out on top, but the whole package represents good value and hours of playing time.
Great Peepingham Train Robbery, The  Axxent Software 80% (Issue 63, p42) Plenty of quaint locations to visit and people to meet in a very entertaining, humorous adventure.
Great Space Race, The Legend 44% (Issue 13, p118) A great disappointment.
Green Beret Imagine Software Ltd 88% (Issue 28, p118) Quite a tasty fighting game.
Gregory Loses His Clock Mastertronic Plus 91% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 69, p47) Simply wonderful! Buy it today.
Gremlins 2: The New Batch Topo Soft 86% (Issue 85, p52) Lots of action, plenty of adventure and graphics that recreate the fun of the film.
Gremlins - The Adventure Adventure International 75% (Issue 17, p98) Excellent graphics, but lacks intelligent responses.
Greyfell Starlight Software 67% (Issue 38, p37) Not very original, but this is almost rectified by the highly polished presentation.
Grid-Bug Add-On Electronics Ltd 58% (Issue 4, p38) Mixed opinions from poor to good.
Grid Iron Softstone Ltd 29% (Issue 48, p169) A team-management game with the 'realistic' details so appallingly flawed it's worthless.
Grid Patrol MC Lothlorien Ltd 59% (Issue 5, p86) Simple grid game for those who like a fast arcade game.
Gridrunner Quicksilva Ltd 46.5% (Issue 1, p104) Gridrunner is not very exciting nor it is addictive, and at almost £7, it's poor value for money.
Grimble Microtech Systems 59% (Issue 33, p98) Should sell like hot cakes in loony bins (Crash Towers?).
Ground Zero Artic Computing Ltd 70% (Issue 10, p107) Good.
Growing Pains of Adrian Mole Virgin Games Ltd 88% (Issue 39, p51) Great material.
Growing Pains of Adrian Mole Virgin Games Ltd 82% (Issue 61, p38) A good budget buy.
Grumpy Gumphrey Super Sleuth Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd 86% (Issue 23, p26) A game with lots of attention to detail and plenty of humour that should please arcade adventurers.
Gryzor Ocean Software Ltd 49% (Issue 49, p22) Not living up to the arcade original's high standards.
Gryzor Ocean Software Ltd 65% (Issue 91, p65) The enemy hordes are pretty vicious and take a lot of practice to get past and will have you chucking your Speccy out the window in frustration.
Guardian, The PSS 68% (Issue 2, p39) Specialist arcade appeal, fast and medium addictive.
Guardian 2: Revenge of the Mutants Hi-Tec Software Ltd 65% (Issue 81, p44) Highly addictive: one for arcade freaks everywhere.
Guardian Angel, The Dinamic Software 73% (Issue 82, p46) A tough beat-'em-up that will present a challenge to the best of players!
Guerilla War Imagine Software Ltd 54% (Issue 60, p30) An unoriginal shoot-'em-up which has been let down by sloppy programming.
Guest, The Stephen Wadsworth 67% (Issue 45, p92) Competent, but perhaps a trifle dull.
Guido Blaby Computer Games 56% (Issue 10, p20) Average in game type but represents very good value and the game is quite addictive.
Guild of Thieves, The Rainbird Software Ltd 90% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 51, p42) A well-crafted scanario, immediately accessible puzzles, and a flexible parser makes this a must for the compulsive adventurer.
Gunboat Accolade Inc 67% (Issue 83, p46) A reasonable simulation with appeal for afficionados only.
Gunfighter Atlantis Software Ltd 75% (Issue 58, p26) A pleasant little game that won't overly tax your intellect, but will provide a fair challenge.
Gunfright Ultimate Play The Game 92% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 25, p60) A very enjoyable game. An improvement over Ultimate's last release.
Gunrunner Hewson Consultants Ltd 55% (Issue 41, p34) Something of a surprise from Hewson, normally associated with high-content games - a rather ordinary and not very addictive shoot 'em up.
Gunrunner Hewson Consultants Ltd 50% (Issue 64, p31) May provide a couple of hours entertainment, but will soon end up gathering dust on the software shelf.
Gunship MicroProse Software Ltd 92% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 47, p18) A challenging and complex simulation, the strongest contender for King of the Clouds yet!
Gunsmoke Topo Soft 54% (Issue 52, p24) Due to the coin-op's restrictions Gunsmoke could never be better than a boring shoot 'em up.
Gunstar Firebird Software Ltd 62% (Issue 37, p124) A neat but undemanding budget shoot 'em up.
Gutz Ocean Software Ltd 62% (Issue 53, p13) A just above average attempt at a new type of arcade adventure.
Gyron Firebird Software Ltd 93% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 14, p16) An astonishing program which requires quick arcade responses, a great deal of thought, and should provide hours and hours of satisfying frustration!
Gyroscope Melbourne House 92% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 23, p40) Up with the best arcade games available for the Spectrum.


Transcriptions by Chris Bourne 
Sinclair ZX Spectrum