Crash Reviews


Sinclair ZX Spectrum
Table Football Budgie Budget Software 28% (Issue 43, p29) An original idea - but a very poor and boring simulation, requiring two players.
Tablespeed AVP Computing (Issue 30, p48) A very effective and enjoyable program for use with anyone from the age of 7.
Tai Chi Tortoise Zeppelin Games Ltd 74% (Issue 94, p57) A colourful and very playable game for fans of the genre. And at budget price too.
Tai-Pan 128 Ocean Software Ltd 93% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 43, p24) An enthralling trade-'em-up adventure with depth and atmosphere.
Tales of the Arabian Nights Interceptor Micros Software 55% (Issue 18, p14) Slightly better than average.
Talisman Games Workshop 70% (Issue 16, p116) Some stones left unturned but well worth checking out.
Talos Silversoft Ltd 60% (Issue 20, p116) Not a very exciting development.
Tangled Tale, A D. Watson 8/10 %(Issue 21, p109) Very good value.
Tanium Players Software 45% (Issue 52, p14) A poor clone of the horizontally scrolling arcade shoot 'em up.
Tank Attack CDS Microsystems 80% (Issue 64, p68) An interesting, clever approach to the wargame concept with some well thought out game ideas, a lot of fun to play.
Tank Command Atlantis Software Ltd 71% (Issue 62, p68) A pleasing mixrure of arcade and strategy with simple, but effective graphics.
Tank Duel, 3D Realtime Games Software Ltd 83% (Issue 7, p88) Playable, addictive and very good value.
Tank Duel, 3D Realtime Games Software Ltd 55% (Issue 64, p31) The game is enjoyable for a couple of hours.
Tank Trax Amoeba Software 51% (Issue 8, p43) A very simple game, with limited appeal and some 'mild' activity.
Tantalus Quicksilva Ltd 76% (Issue 29, p127) A large colourful and playable game.
Tapper US Gold Ltd 89% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 17, p20) A highly amusing, playable and addictive arcade game.
Target Renegade Imagine Software Ltd 90% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 52, p22) Renegade was never this much fun. More content and tougher characters make Target Renegade the ultimate challenge.
Target Renegade Imagine Software Ltd 84% (Issue 84, p80) Excellent, non-stop beat-'em-up action all the way.
Tarzan: Lord of the Jungle Martech Games Ltd 73% (Issue 36, p181) Just another aardvark in the software jungle.
Tarzan Goes Ape Code Masters Ltd 85% (Issue 87, p43) A bit of a stonker: it's cpmpletely addictive and a good laugh too!
Task Force Players Premier Software 68% (Issue 66, p45) I recommend this for a good blast but don't expect much lastability.
Tasword 2 Tasman Software (Issue 5, p126) If you have been looking for a word processor, then look no further.
Tasword 3 Tasman Software (Issue 31, p95) To my mind TASMAN have now definitely got the top spot as far as word processors go.
Tau Ceti CRL Group PLC 94% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 23, p86) An excellent game, combining several elements with stunning graphics.
T-Bird Mastertronic Plus 50% (Issue 80, p48) The simplistic gameplay and lack of variety will soon have you reaching for the off switch.
Technician Ted Hewson Consultants Ltd 96% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 13, p16) Excellent, and great value for money.
Technician Ted Hewson Consultants Ltd 87% (Issue 64, p30) An attractive and compelling game.
Techno-Cop Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd 56% (Issue 61, p11) Techno Cop tries to mix two very different genres, but as neither section is very riveting, it fails to hold your attention for very long.
Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles Image Works 80% (Issue 84, p66) Order your pizzas because it's going to be a long night, playing this non-stop!
Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles 2 Image Works 87% (Issue 94, p65) Gone are the colourful graphics, but at least it's tougher to beat. Definitely worth shelling out for!
Teladon Destiny Software 49% (Issue 51, p19) A mediocre game whose potential has not been fully realised.
Tempest Electric Dreams Software 62% (Issue 38, p26) A good try at a game not really suited to the Spectrum.
Tempest Electric Dreams Software 89% (Issue 64, p32) An immensely playable game.
Temple of Terror, The US Gold Ltd 81% (Issue 42, p60) Strong story and likeable game.
Temple of Vran, The Incentive Software Ltd 80% (Issue 5, p74) Overall an excellent game which can be heartily recommended.
Temple Terror Atlantis Software Ltd 70% (Issue 27, p74) Cheap and easy.
Tennis Imagine Software Ltd 60% (Issue 33, p118) A disappointing tennis game - not the strongest of the Konami conversions by a long chalk.
Ten Pack Vol. II Automata UK Ltd (Issue 22, p32) Pi There - Xtroth - Pi in the Sky - Toilet Trubble - Paradise in a Microdot - The Egg - Chambers of Death - Nudgeit - Nth Zone - Piman's Cocktail Cabinet.
Ten-Pin Challenge Atlantis Software Ltd 26% (Issue 44, p23) The worst bowling sim yet.
Terminator 2: Judgement Day Ocean Software Ltd 88% (Issue 94, p54) Lots of flashy graphics and presentation but lacking in gameplay.
Terminus: The Prison Planet Mastertronic Added Dimension 52% (Issue 36, p188) Unoriginal and confusing.
Terra Cognita Code Masters Ltd 71% (Issue 35, p34) An addictive blast.
Terra Cresta Imagine Software Ltd 81% (Issue 37, p23) A slick, enjoyable shoot 'em up.
Terra Force Fashionsoft 40% (Issue 13, p124) Below average.
Terrahawks CRL Group PLC 69% (Issue 9, p110) A playable and difficult game, a little on the pricey side perhaps.
Terramex Grandslam Entertainments Ltd 80% (Issue 49, p95) A complex and involving arcade adventure, with excellent presentation.
Terrormolinos Melbourne House 90% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 23, p117) Super.
Terror of the Deep Mirrorsoft Ltd 44% (Issue 39, p122) A good idea, but it's potential hasn't been realised.
Terrorpods Melbourne House 30% (Issue 60, p34) An interesting idea that has been turned into an awful game.
Terrors of Trantoss, The Ariolasoft UK Ltd 80% (Issue 29, p89) Very interesting.
Test Drive 2: The Duel Accolade Inc 76% (Issue 73, p44) Fun to drive for a while, but fuel for long term playability may be lacking.
Test Master E&J Software 48% (Issue 55, p76) A lot less exciting than one day cricket.
Tetris Mirrorsoft Ltd 77% (Issue 50, p10) A fiendishly addictive game, poorly implemented for the Spectrum but still appealing.
Tetris Mirrorsoft Ltd 82% (Issue 64, p30) Will keep the old grey matter ticking over for a few months.
Thanatos Durell Software Ltd 93% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 35, p152) An excellent and rather different arcade adventure.
That's the Spirit The Edge Software 82% (Issue 20, p26) Well above average.
Theatre Europe PSS 84% (Issue 30, p54) A thought provoking picture of a possible future.
The Eye of Bain Artic Computing Ltd 80% (Issue 11, p120) Good value.
Their Finest Hour Century Communications Ltd 96% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 26, p119)  Sheer brilliance.
Their Finest Hour Century Communications Ltd 80% (Issue 26, p93) Very good.
Theory of Music to Grade 5 Ted Kirk (Issue 37, p50) Written by a professional musician, this set of programs is a very useful way of preparing for music exams. I appreciated the sense of humour in the accompanying documentation!
Therbo Arcade Software 71% (Issue 12, p40) A good original game.
Thermo Nuclear War Zircon Software (Issue 16, p140) Even if nuclear war is your scene, this won't be.
They Call Me Trooper CRL Group PLC 46% (Issue 36, p30) Most 48k games are better than this.
They Say the World Will Die in Fire and Ice  Electric Software 77% (Issue 4, p92) An imaginative adventure with some unique problems to solve and with plenty of scope in the defined area. Good value.
They Stole a Million 39 Steps 85% (Issue 36, p15) An innovative game.
Thing Bounces Back Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd 85% (Issue 42, p94) Excellent and refreshing arcade game with some neat touches, highly playable and addictive.
Thingy and the Doodahs Americana Software Ltd 39% (Issue 34, p20) A fairly basic game.
Think! Ariolasoft UK Ltd 82% (Issue 27, p22) A very well thought out brain-teaser.
Thinker, The Atlantis Software Ltd 79% (Issue 15, p12) A tough puzzle.
Three Weeks in Paradise 48 Mikro-Gen Ltd 93% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 26, p138) Another game for Wally fans everywhere.
Throne of Fire Melbourne House 75% (Issue 40, p112) A marvellous game, spoiled by being too easy.
Through the Trapdoor: Trapdoor 2 Piranha 70% (Issue 47, p12) Another superb adaption of the TV series, though its appeal comes from graphics more than addictive gameplay.
Thrust Firebird Software Ltd 76% (Issue 34, p149) Not a totally successful conversion, but good fun all the same.
Thrust 2 Firebird Software Ltd 48% (Issue 40, p33) A disappointing also-ran follow-up.
Thrusta Software Projects Ltd 73% (Issue 2, p39) Playable, fun and generally good
Thunderbirds Firebird Software Ltd 64% (Issue 23, p20) A good game for puzzle and logic problem enthusiasts.
Thunderbirds Grandslam Entertainments Ltd 90% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 66, p28) Intricate and accurate graphics let you relive your favourite exciting episodes.
Thunderblade US Gold Ltd 91% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 59, p184) A superb conversion of the great coin-op - US Gold and Tiertex have definitely pulled off what others said couldn't be done.
Thunderbowel Sacred Scroll Software 60% (Issue 58, p39) Should prove just that bit too easy for most adventurers.
Thundercats Elite Systems Ltd 91% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 46, p22) A good-looking and exciting game that deserves to succeed.
Thundercats Elite Systems Ltd 84% (Issue 70, p48) A fab game. Buy it.
Thunderceptor Go! 64% (Issue 46, p140) Both are adequate shoot-'em-ups with average lastability.
Thunderhawk Lyversoft 43% (Issue 4, p28) Average.
Thunder Jaws Domark Ltd 90% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 91, p14) The two different styles of gameplay and great graphic detail makes Thunder Jaws tremendous fun for any Speccy player!
Tiger Road Go! 47% (Issue 61, p58) No inspiration here, just another dull hack 'n' slay game.
Tiger Road Go! 63% (Issue 83, p65) I've seen better.
Tiler Interceptor Micros Software 57% (Issue 11, p59) Repetitive, lacking in content and ultimately below average.
Tilt Code Masters Ltd 68% (Issue 84, p68) A unique game that will have you pulling your hair out, but loving it at the same time.
Time AVP Computing (Issue 35, p59) Useful little programs, sensibly constructed.
Time and Magik Mandarin Software 70% (Issue 55, p56) A little put off by the absence of really challenging puzzles.
Timebomb CDS Microsystems 71% (Issue 3, p123) A simple but original idea which will appeal to many players although its addictive qualities may not be very high.
Timeflight The Power House 29% (Issue 40, p17) Unimpressive clone of a dated arcade machine.
Time Machine Activision Inc 91% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 80, p42) Refreshingly different: a colourful action game with plenty of brain-blending puzzles.
Time Machine, The Digital Fantasia 75% (Issue 4, p28) Very good although high in price.
Time Quest Scorpio Gamesworld Ltd 60% (Issue 25, p81) Cheap way of passing the time.
Time Sanctuary MC Lothlorien Ltd 60% (Issue 27, p73) Flawed.
Time Scanner Activision Inc 81% (Issue 66, p28) Steel ball antics so fast you will flipper your lid with the frantic fun.
Times Of Lore Origin Systems Inc 94% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 66, p24) A long time since we saw such an enchanting, atmospheric challenge.
Time Traveller Sulis Software Ltd (Issue 5, p65) Not really designed for specialist learning and it represents a fairly sound concept.
Time Trax Mind Games 63% (Issue 34, p36) An interesting game with strategic elements - strategists might complain, though.
Timezone Atlantis Software Ltd 47% (Issue 16, p24) Not bad for the price, amusing at first, but not very addictive.
Tinderbox Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd 70% (Issue 18, p101) One of the very few adventures catering for the younger player.
Tintin on the Moon Infogrames 64% (Issue 73, p42) A simple collect-'em-up game that may appeal to Herge fans for its looks and nostalgia alone.
Tir Na Nog Gargoyle Games 92% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 11, p52) A sophisticated looking and playing game with masses of content, good value for money, generally excellent.
Titan Titus 69% (Issue 67, p40) Fun to play, but lasting appeal may fade.
Titanic R&R Software Ltd 73% (Issue 5, p11) Entertaining, reasonably involving adventure and good for simple strategy gamers.
Titanic Topo Soft 45% (Issue 63, p82) I found the whole exercise rather dull.
Titanic Blinky Zeppelin Games Ltd 83% (Issue 95, p57) Spooky fun with everyone's favourite ectoplasmic entity.
TLL (Tornado Low Level) Vortex Software 81% (Issue 7, p14) Addictive and difficult, generally recommended.
TNT 2 - Double Dynamite Domark Ltd 54% (Issue 98, p73) Highly recommended - to programmers who want an example of how not to write computer games!
Toadrunner Ariolasoft UK Ltd 68% (Issue 31, p22) A very difficult sequel to Riddlers Den.
Tobruk 1942 PSS 65% (Issue 40, p101) Not a bad game, but not particularly interesting either.
Tomahawk Digital Integration 93% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 23, p12) A very good, very realistic simulation but it may not appeal to arcade players.
Tomb of Syrinx The Power House 26% (Issue 40, p22) Not very good value, even at its low price.
Tomcat Players Software 24% (Issue 61, p67) The unoriginal gameplay, makes for an extremely difficult game.
Toobin Domark Ltd 84% (Issue 71, p68) If Toobin' piles on the fun for Biff and Jet, then you're surefire gonna get a share too!
Toobin Domark Ltd 45% (Issue 93, p60) It's a bit too tricky to provide solid gaming entertainment.
Top Cat in Beverly Hills Cats Hi-Tec Software Ltd 80% (Issue 84, p65 ) All fans of the cartoon will love it.
Top Gun Ocean Software Ltd 90% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 37, p20) A fast and addictive air-combat game in two-player mode; not so good one-up.
Top Gun Ocean Software Ltd 53% (Issue 70, p48) Definitely not for fans of the film.
Tornado ECR Code Masters Ltd 60% (Issue 89, p42) Fans of this type of game will find it great fun.
Total Eclipse Incentive Software Ltd 93% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 60, p32) The third Freescape game takes a new theme and is - probably - the most playable so far.
Total Recall Ocean Software Ltd 94% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 86, p56) A strange mix of gameplays but an overall winner!
Touchstones of Rhiannon, The Adventure International 90% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 21, p107) An enjoyable challenge.
Tour de Force Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd  66% (Issue 49, p18) Original and addictive gameplay.
Tower Of Despair, The Games Workshop 80% (Issue 11, p114) Superb atmosphere.
Tower of Evil, The Creative Sparks 87% (Issue 4, p118) Very good, fast and addictive.
Tower of Light Caris Software 88% (Issue 66, p42) An FRPG which plays as simply as a text adventure, offering plenty of scope.
Toy Bizarre Activision Inc 65% (Issue 15, p24) Again, mixed feelings, ranging from average to good, but at £8, very expensive.
Toyota Celica GT Rally Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd 84% (Issue 87, p40) More of a rally simulation than an outright racer and well worth taking for a spin!
Tracksuit Manager Goliath Games 70% (Issue 56, p92) Mixed opinions, although all agreed the match presentation was poor. Its appeal really depends on whether you like the genre or not.
Trading Game, The Reelax Games 23% (Issue 25, p109) Miss it.
Trailblazer Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd 88% (Issue 34, p150) Original, fast and addictive.
Train: Escape to Normandy, The Electronic Arts 79% (Issue 57, p24) More of a strategy game than a train driving game, there's nothing quite like it.
Train Game, The Microsphere 75.5% (Issue 1, p92) Very good.
Trans-Atlantic Balloon Challenge Virgin Games Ltd 22% (Issue 43, p82) An improbable and unplayable shoot-'em-up.
Transformers, The Ocean Software Ltd 60% (Issue 27, p17) A bit of a disappointment, given the idea and the people who wrote the game.
Transmuter Code Masters Ltd 68% (Issue 40, p36) An interesting and fairly priced horizontally scrolling shoot 'em up.
Transversion Ocean Software Ltd 83% (Issue 1, p76) Highly recommended.
Trantor: The Last Stormtrooper Go! 68% (Issue 46, p116) Excellent presentation and graphics conceal shallow gameplay.
Trantor: The Last Stormtrooper Go! 56% (Issue 64, p31) This left me with a vague 'why bother?' sort of feeling.
Trap Alligata Software Ltd 59% (Issue 39, p121) A cramped and confused vertically scrolling shoot 'em up.
Trapdoor, The Piranha 88% (Issue 33, p122) A very neat and original game with endearing graphics.
Trashman New Generation Software 83% (Issue 4, p114) Fun, unusual, high-quality game and very playable.
Trashman 2: Travel with Trashman New Generation Software 71% (Issue 11, p54) Mixed opinions from the reviewers from above average to very good.
Traxx Quicksilva Ltd 61% (Issue 1, p101) After getting used to its idiosyncrasies it begins to grow on you, but if you are looking for a painter game, there are better types on the market at a lower cost.
Traz (Transformable Arcade Zone) Gamebusters 81% (Issue 60, p12) There are undoubtedly better Breakout variants around.
Treasure Fernleaf Educational Software (Issue 34, p59) Gives a context for the learning of multiplication tables, and encourages children to discuss and plan their strategy. Great fun!
Treasure Island River Software 78% (Issue 92, p53) A good game tarnished with a couple of irritations but otherwise recommended.
Treasure Island River Software 70% (Issue 94, p42) If you can complete it with anything more than pure luck, you're a smart arse.
Treble Champions E&J Software 34% (Issue 68, p42) Too little, too late in an already crowded area of games playing.
Triad Amba Software 55% (Issue 2, p75) Fair to average.
Triaxos 39 Steps 53% (Issue 42, p25) A game in this genre needs a lot of involved content, and Triaxos fails on that score, leaving it only marginally above average.
Tribble Trubble Software Projects Ltd 91% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 4, p9) Excellent, highly recommended.
Trick of the Tale, A Central Solutions 29% (Issue 31, p110) An outdated platform game at a silly price.
Trio Hit-Pak 70% (Issue 43, p18) Each game in itself is above average, with 3DC coming out top, but the whole package represents good value and hours of playing time.
Trio Silicon Joy 47% (Issue 13, p123) Below average generally, not very addictive.
Triple Pack, The Leisure Genius 67% (Issue 73, p42) A Triple Pack of venerable oldies which might prove fun for all computer minded families.
Triplex Work Force 66% (Issue 3, p118) Above average and unusual.
Tripods, The Red Shift Ltd 40% (Issue 15, p102) Although it takes many ideas from L of M it is a bore. Overpriced.
Tripods, The Red Shift Ltd (Issue 15, p126) However much you liked the TV series, don't buy this game. You'd be better of waiting for Ocean's Frankie.
Trivial Pursuit 2: A New Beginning Domark Ltd 83% (Issue 60, p25) One of the best quiz games around which contains plenty of questions for long-lasting appeal.
Trivial Pursuits Domark Ltd 91% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 33, p20) A very competent conversion of a classic game.
Trivial Pursuits (Question Packs) Domark Ltd (Issue 40, p33) Baby Boomer and Young Player versions have something to keep you quessing.
Trom DK'Tronics Ltd 82% (Issue 3, p115) Simple and excellent value, addictive.
Tron Blaby Computer Games 55% (Issue 10, p19) Nothing new, but a fairly good version of an old game, and at its new price, very good value.
Trouble Brewin' Silversoft Ltd 80% (Issue 11, p144) A very good and addictive game made by combining traditional elements well.
TT Racer Digital Integration 78% (Issue 34, p26) A very competent simulation, developed in association with experts - the Suzuki team. Should entertain any biker/simulation player for a long time.
Tubaruba Firebird Software Ltd 42% (Issue 41, p31) This leap, kill and collect Jet Set Willy type game, hails from the past, but at its price could have appeal for some.
Tube, The Quicksilva Ltd 47% (Issue 44, p103) A standard space shoot-'em-up with some strong graphics.
Tujad Ariolasoft UK Ltd 69% (Issue 32, p24) Not a bad game, but nothing spectacular.
Turbo Boat Simulator Silverbird Software Ltd 32% (Issue 63, p82) About as exciting as squashed hedgehog racing.
Turbo Cup Challenge Loriciels 67% (Issue 82, p55) Hummmm, it's okay, just not very exciting.
Turbo Esprit Durell Software Ltd 88% (Issue 28, p114) A driving game with a fair bit of gameplay behind it.
Turbo Esprit Durell Software Ltd 90% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 58, p112) A genuinely great arcade/adventure simulation.
Turbo Kart Racer Players Software 34% (Issue 85, p60) A game that I definitely won't be playing again in a hurry.
Turbo Out Run US Gold Ltd 79% (Issue 73, p40) A good racing game - amongst many others - that Out Run fans will like.
Turf-Form Blue Ribbon Software (Issue 68, p48) It can only be used to predict a win at the betting shop, and then it might be wrong.
Turmoil Bug-Byte Software Ltd 90% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 11, p98) Very addictive, playable and satisfying. Good value.
Turntaking The Learning Process (Issue 21, p90) A well-designed program, with enough variety to hold a childs attention. Parents should enjoy watching their childs reactions.
Turrican Rainbow Arts 94% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 77, p41) Hurricane strength arcade blast-'em-up of the year guaranteed to give you nightmares!
Turrican 2 Rainbow Arts 95% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 90, p40) Possibly one of the best Spectrum games ever.
Turtle Timewarp Softstone Ltd 72% (Issue 6, p13) Above average to good with addictiveness.
Tusker System 3 Software Ltd 87% (Issue 70, p42) A big exploration game which packs a bundle of clever traps and puzzles.
Tutankhamun Micromania 71.5% (Issue 1, p35) A very good maze/zap game with a different feel.
Twice Shy Mosaic Publishing Ltd 90% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 35, p67) Polished to a 'tee'.
Twin Kingdom Valley Bug-Byte Software Ltd 80% (Issue 11, p106) Very good.
Twin Turbo V8 Code Masters Ltd 26% (Issue 65, p21) Adds nothing to the racing game genre.
Twin World Ubi Soft Ltd 72% (Issue 80, p45) Playable for a while arcade adventure marred by the graphics.
Twister, Mother of Charlotte System 3 Software Ltd 71% (Issue 26, p18) Enjoyable if undemanding.
Two Gun Turtle MC Lothlorien Ltd 73% (Issue 4, p29) A good game, very tough, which may spoil its addictivity.
T-Wrecks Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd 80% (Issue 56, p22) Japanese B-movie buffs will love it!
Type-Rope Mastertronic Ltd (Issue 25, p44) Give it a miss.
Typhoon Imagine Software Ltd 67% (Issue 59, p186) A competent, but unexceptional shoot-'em-up in the same mould as Go!/Capcom's 1943. For mindless violence freaks only (that's why Nick loved it so much).


Transcriptions by Chris Bourne 
Sinclair ZX Spectrum