Crash Reviews


Sinclair ZX Spectrum
Daley Thompson's Decathlon Ocean Software Ltd 82% (Issue 10, p93) Very good, addictivity will depend on individual taste for this type of game.
Daley Thompson's Decathlon Ocean Software Ltd 74% (Issue 67, p43) Still retains the platability factor which made it such a hit!
Daley Thompson's Olympic Challenge  Ocean Software Ltd 91% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 58, p18)  As long as your arm doesn't fall off, this should keep you waggling long after the Olympics have finished.
Daley Thompson's Olympic Challenge Ocean Software Ltd 74% (Issue 82, p45) It's a real simulation because all that continuous waggling from left to right is as exhausting as the real thing!
Daley Thompson's Supertest Ocean Software Ltd 76% (Issue 22, p21) Very disappointing; nothing special.
Daley Thompson's Super Test Ocean Software Ltd 83% (Issue 80, p47) Graphically, it's good, with plenty of neat animations and lots of colour.
Dam and Blast I.E.C. Software (Issue 27, p54) Very attractive and easy to use.
Dam Busters, The US Gold Ltd 75% (Issue 21, p14) A playable flight simulation and game.
Damned Forest, The Cult Games 41% (Issue 55, p59) Role-players and adventurers alike are well-advised to steer clear of the exhausting experience.
Dan Dare: Pilot of the Future Virgin Games Ltd 92% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 32, p16) A game which lives up to the image of the cartoon character.
Dan Dare: Pilot of the Future Virgin Games Ltd 92% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 56, p86)  If you missed it first time, go out and buy it - NOW.
Dan Dare 2: Mekon's Revenge Virgin Games Ltd 74% (Issue 49, p86) Mixed opinions, but generally considered to be a decent successor, if not exactly up to the standard of Dan Dare.
Dan Dare 3: The Escape Virgin Games Ltd 92% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 73, p39) Even without the faithful Digby, Dan Dare is as big a hit as ever.
Dandy, The Electric Dreams Software 84% (Issue 35, p145) Not a bad Gauntlet variant.
Danger Mouse in Double Trouble Creative Sparks 75% (Issue 10, p141) Good to very good for DM fans, perhaps less interesting to general arcade fans.
Danger Mouse in Making Whoopee Creative Sparks 56% (Issue 32, p14) A reasonable game, given the price.
Dargon's Crypt Venom Games 69% (Issue 45, p93) Good value.
Dark Empire, The MC Lothlorien Ltd 60% (Issue 43, p50) Initially exciting, but fundamentally flawed.
Darkest Road Zenobi Software 68% (Issue 92, p52) A fairly solid game which never really gets out of second gear.
Dark Fusion Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd  80% (Issue 62, p62) A hard, but interesting blend of game-styles which should please games players who eat three Shredded Wheat.
Darkman Ocean Software Ltd 82% (Issue 92, p14) A really splendid game, big too, with an intense challenge.
Dark Sceptre Firebird Software Ltd 88% (Issue 47, p11) Very playable and an outstanding programming achievement.
Dark Side Incentive Software Ltd 95% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 54, p76) A game of Driller's high calibre which creates its own complex environment and distinctive atmosphere - a game of the future.
Dark Star Design Design Software 89% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 11, p97) Excellent shoot em up, certainly the fastest.
Dartz Automata UK Ltd 53% (Issue 7, p51) A worthy piece of nonsense that isn't quite a game and will no doubt meet with mixed reactions.
Dawnssley Top Ten Software 19% (Issue 44, p28) An inferior Gauntlet variant without lasting appeal, which came in for strong criticism from everyone.
Day at the Seaside, A Softlee Systems (Issue 18, p110) An excellent program which young children will love. The adult (teacher or parent) can decide on the best way to use the flashcards to meet the needs of the child.
Day in the Life, A Micromega 59% (Issue 15, p46) Slightly mixed feelings, but generally felt to be above average.
Days of Thunder Mindscape International Inc 43% (Issue 84, p78) Tom Cruise fans will be disappointed, as will gamesplayers in general.
D-Day Games Workshop 83% (Issue 11, p21) An excellent and detailed wargame, with graphics to match - at last!
Deactivators Reaktor 85% (Issue 34, p138) An impressive blend of strategy and arcade.
Dead at the Controls Artic Computing Ltd 60% (Issue 15, p100) Lacking in atmosphere.
Dead Ringer Reaktor 42% (Issue 43, p91) Just another scrolling shoot-'em-up.
Deathchase, 3D Micromega 92% (Issue 1, p8) Excellent.
Death Chess 5000 Artic Computing Ltd 69% (Issue 7, p38) For both serious and non-serious chess players, very good value and generally recommended.
Death Cruiser Noble House Software 62% (Issue 3, p124) A game which proves that it doesn't have to look fast to be fast, and despite appearances is very hard to play. Good with a joystick, average with keys.
Death or Glory CRL Group PLC 36% (Issue 47, p20) All that glitters has not gameplay.
Deathscape Starlight Software 57% (Issue 42, p34) A low-key shoot-'em-up which despite its polished look offers little action.
Death Star Rabbit Software Ltd 54% (Issue 6, p107) Below average.
Death Star Interceptor System 3 Software Ltd 92% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 15, p116)  An excellent, addictive and attractive shoot em up requiring speedy reflexes. Good value for money.
Death Wake Quicksilva Ltd 76% (Issue 25, p113) Excellent if you like Beach Head style games.
Death Wish 3 Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd 45% (Issue 45, p128) The attractive appearance doesn't compensate for unexciting gameplay.
Decimals Keysoft (Issue 44, p93) The help window is a particularly useful feature of this valuable program.
Decor Wreckers Scorpio Software 53% (Issue 8, p11) Fair to average.
Deeds of Glen Garry Hall, The Terminal Software 60% (Issue 22, p125) Very average.
Deek's Deeds Bass-On 58% (Issue 92, p53) This adventure is more of a vehicle to hang the humour on rather than a game in its own right.
Deep, The US Gold Ltd 44% (Issue 62, p64) It plays better than it looks, but it's still overpriced.
Deep Strike Durell Software Ltd 79% (Issue 36, p183) Neither arcade nor simulator.
Deep Waters Volume 1 Zenobi Software 78% (Issue 93, p52) This compilation tape is not going to set your Speccy on fire, even though all the adventures are of decent quality.
Deep Waters Volume 2 Zenobi Software 86% (Issue 93, p53) Offering variety with consistently high quality, it's certainly worth buying.
Defcom Quicksilva Ltd 45% (Issue 37, p106) Good graphics, but it's a shame about the game.
Defenda Interstella Software 89% (Issue 4, p86) Very good.
Defenders of the Earth Enigma Variations Ltd 76% (Issue 78, p43) An blasting romp for fans of the TV series - with only short term playability.
Deflektor Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd 77% (Issue 47, p123) Everything that makes a great puzzle game.
Defusion/Worms K-Tel Productions 52% (Issue 5, p101) Both games together represent a reasonable value for money, but neither is original, or exceptionally implemented.
Dekorating Blues Alpha-Omega Software 38% (Issue 33, p127) Nice gloss, but becomes very monotonous after a while.
Delta Charge! Thalamus Ltd 73% (Issue 76, p41) A blast of good no-holds-barred mindless shoot-'em-up action.
Delta Wing Creative Sparks 90% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 10, p18) Excellent.
Demon's Revenge Firebird Software Ltd 32% (Issue 51, p107) Poor enough to give budget games a bad name.
Demon from the Darkside Compass Software 84% (Issue 35, p71) A cut above the average Quill release.
Demon from the Darkside 2: Golden Mask  Compass Software 74% (Issue 41, p62) Good, easygoing yarn.
Demon from the Darkside 3: Devil's Hand Compass Software 72% (Issue 59, p112) Colourful pictures enhance the enjoyment of this competent little adventure.
Denis Through the Drinking Glass Applications Software Specialities  83% (Issue 3, p21) An excellent adventure and very reasonably priced.
Denizen Players Software 59% (Issue 52, p83) Sadly, the game doesn't live up to the lively presentation.
Dervish The Power House 19% (Issue 52, p86) As a freebie it would be disappointing.
Desert Burner Sparklers 48% (Issue 20, p16) Pretty poor.
Desert Hawk Players Software 47% (Issue 31, p24) The game is very tedious to play and also primitive, so I wouldn't really recommend it.
Desert Rats CCS 88% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 26, p120) Massive in scope, but begs the question of the importance of originality and clarity of presentation.
Desert Rats 128k CCS 95% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 29, p108) Whilst some of my original reservations still apply, this game has been so well executed and provides players with so much, it must be a smash!
Designer's Pencil, The Activision Inc (Issue 15, p39) A curious piece of programming, which should keep anyone intrigued for at least a couple of hours...
Desolator US Gold Ltd 60% (Issue 54, p84) An attractive, but restrictive, maze game.
Desperado Central Solutions 60% (Issue 27, p74) Not bad.
Deus Ex Machina Automata UK Ltd (Issue 10, p52) A game which can only be described as different!
Devastating Blow Beyond Belief 72% (Issue 96, p61) For all it's faults, Devastating Blow is a playable game that could easily go ten rounds with some of the full priced beat-'em-up games currently on the market.
Deviants Players Software 66% (Issue 48, p168) Limited gameplay, disappointing from the author of Joe Blade.
Devil's Island Gilsoft International 77% (Issue 5, p87) Very good, lengthy, well-plotted adventure at a good price.
Devil Rides In, The Carnell Software 53% (Issue 4, p126) A surprisingly uninteresting game despite the scenario.
Devils Crown, The Mastertronic Ltd 54% (Issue 27, p134) Not a bad game at the price, but nothing special.
Diablo! Nebula Designs Software 88% (Issue 61, p25) A spaceship adventure. With three large decks to explose this is a remarkable challenge.
Diamond Destiny Software 70% (Issue 56, p23) A sparkling and unusual variation on the traditional shoot-'em-up - despite Nick...
Diamond Quest CCS 40% (Issue 6, p75) The game makes a poor adventure as there is a conspicuous lack of problems to solve and the fight sequences allow no room for thoughtful interaction.
Dick Tracy Titus 37% (Issue 86, p53) A classic example of the 'big licence, no gameplay' syndrome.
Di-Lithium Lift Hewson Consultants Ltd 61% (Issue 4, p115): Fast and tough, perhaps too hard to be really addictive.
Dimension Destructors Artic Computing Ltd 68% (Issue 2, p74) Above average to good.
Dinky Digger Postern Ltd 33% (Issue 3, p54) Poor to fair, and poor value.
Dirt Track Racer Zeppelin Games Ltd 48% (Issue 90, p43) There's entertainment there, but it's not hooking enough to make it an addictive game.
Disco Dan Gem Software 85% (Issue 5, p98) Different, difficult, good addictivity and very good value.
Discs of Death Artic Computing Ltd 31% (Issue 23, p155) Tired old arcade clone that's far too late.
Disease Dodgers Macmillan Software Ltd/
Sinclair Research Ltd
(Issue 15, p111) Fair.
Disposable Heroes The Power House 22% (Issue 52, p86) A idea with good potential, ruined by shoddy programming.
Dix Mille CCS 65% (Issue 9, p100) Above average, mildly addictive in one, probably a very good party game, and good value for money.
Dizzy's Excellent Adventure Code Masters Ltd 93% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 94, p58) One of the best cartoon adventure packs ever to be released on the Spectrum.
Dizzy 1: The Ultimate Cartoon Adventure Code Masters Ltd 78% (Issue 46, p134) An enjoyable and graphically competent arcade puzzle game.
Dizzy 2: Treasure Island Code Masters Ltd 87% (Issue 62, p69) You will get hours of fun out of this game, a must for everyone's software collection.
Dizzy 3: Fantasy World Code Masters Ltd 94% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 72, p57) If you don't get your copy today you'll never know the true meaning of playability and addictivness.
Dizzy 4: Magicland Code Masters Ltd 93% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 83, p72) This, the fourth Dizzy game, has got to be one of the best so far. It's magic!
Dizzy Collection, The Code Masters Ltd 90% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 89, p33) A must for everyone who hasn't seen all of the little egg's games. Full of yolky goodness!
Dizzy Panic Code Masters Ltd 80% (Issue 88, p43) Following in the footsteps of Kwik Snax and Fast Food; and it's great to see a really addictive puzzle game.
D.N.A. Warrior Cascade Games Ltd 53% (Issue 63, p16) There are far more enjoyable ways to explore someone's body!
Doc the Destroyer Melbourne House 41% (Issue 40, p25) A good concept, let down by poor implementation.
Doctor Doom's Revenge Empire Software 46% (Issue 75, p41) A flaccid failed attempt to bring two of Marvel's biggest stars to the Speccy.
Doctor What! CRL Group PLC 17% (Issue 35, p128) A nasty steaming dollop of What.
Dodge City Phoenix Software Ltd 57% (Issue 2, p103) Above average.
Dodgy Geezers Melbourne House 86% (Issue 38, p91) More interesting the more you play and get into the theme.
Dogfight Slogger Software 47% (Issue 9, p13) A somewhat old fashioned game with reasonable level variation, not thought to be very addictive and a little expensive for what it offers.
Dogfight 2187 Starlight Software 56% (Issue 41, p116) Neat two player game, not so hot for the pilot.
Dogsbody Bug-Byte Software Ltd 65% (Issue 23, p22) A pleasant game, slightly flawed by a few blunders.
Dominator System 3 Software Ltd 59% (Issue 67, p40) Nice graphics, shame about the gameplay.
Don't Buy This Firebird Software Ltd 39.333333% (Issue 17, p46) I'm told it's great.
Don't Panic Firebird Software Ltd 70% (Issue 18, p22) A better than average game.
Don't Panic - Panic Now Dented Designs 71% (Issue 41, p61) Longer than a toilet roll and just as soft.
Donkey Kong Ocean Software Ltd 48% (Issue 37, p27) A competent conversion of an ancient arcade game.
Doombugs Work Force 67% (Issue 1, p82) Above average addictivity, good game.
Doomdark's Revenge Beyond Software 100% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 13, p98) Excellent, a classic.
Doomsday Relion Software 64% (Issue 84, p41) Doomsday shows a lot of promise. However, future designs must be tightened up prior to release.
Doomsday Castle Fantasy Software 87% (Issue 2, p26) Addictive, playable, very good value.
Doomsday Papers, The Matand Software 70% (Issue 28, p89) Quite good.
Dotty Dollarsoft 68% (Issue 7, p91) A well paced, addictive Pacman type, above average to good.
Double, The Scanatron 56% (Issue 55, p77) It's not a bad game, but there's much room for improvement.
Double Agent Tartan Software 81% (Issue 57, p44) The display is well laid out and clear. Location descriptions are kept short but contain everything you need to know, while all objects can be examined.
Double Dare Alternative Software Ltd 68% (Issue 97, p56) As seen on TV, minus the gunge - worth a splash out!
Double Dragon Melbourne House 64% (Issue 61, p66) Nothing special, even with the two-player mode, and too easy to have much lasting appeal.
Double Dragon Melbourne House 42% (Issue 87, p50) Bash through levels full of armed attackers to rescue your girlie.
Double Dragon 2: The Revenge Virgin Mastertronic Ltd 85% (Issue 71, p70) A great oriental beat-'em-up that greatly improves on the original in graphics and playability.
Double Dragon 3: Rosetta Stone Storm Software 70% (Issue 96, p60) Lots more of the same with some snazzy graphics thrown in.
Double Take Ocean Software Ltd 74% (Issue 37, p118) A very classy and original game that looks good but could get a bit monotonous after a while.
Double Trouble Starlite 43% (Issue 3, p117) A good idea spoiled by the gameplay elements.
Down to Earth Firebird Software Ltd 47% (Issue 42, p95) Latter-day clone of an old arcade game with average playability, but too frustrating to be very addictive. May have some appeal for newer gamesters practising for the delights of classic Boulderdash.
Draconus Zeppelin Games Ltd 90% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 58, p91) Monster size fun at budget price.
Dracula CRL Group PLC 89% (Issue 37, p54) Spooky.
Dragon Breed Activision Inc 80% (Issue 84, p79) A colourful and playable shoot-'em-up lacking the polish of greatness.
Dragon Ninja Imagine Software Ltd 46% (Issue 62, p16) No originality, or difficulty here, just another repetitive beat-'em-up.
Dragon Ninja Imagine Software Ltd 55% (Issue 90, p49) The trouble with this game is it's too darn easy to complete.
Dragonsbane Quicksilva Ltd 54% (Issue 4, p83) Neither adventure nor arcade, this game falls between two stools and fails to captivate.
Dragons Lair Software Projects Ltd 54% (Issue 34, p152) Pretty, but lacking in gameplay.
Dragons Lair Software Projects Ltd 46% (Issue 76, p48) The graphics may be well detailed and colourful - it's surviving long enough to see them that causes the problems!
Dragons Lair 2: Escape from Singes Castle Software Projects Ltd 83% (Issue 39, p120) An exciting fantasy challenge, and a great improvement on its predecessor.
Dragon Spirit Domark Ltd 72% (Issue 68, p43) Smashing shoot-'em-up makes full use of dragon theme, but difficult.
Dragontorc Hewson Consultants Ltd 92% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 16, p20) Excellent.
Draughts Oasis Software 71% (Issue 3, p37) An excellent implementation of the classic board game at a very good price.
Draughts Genius Rack-It 68% (Issue 45, p29) Good implementation of draughts.
Dreadnoughts MC Lothlorien Ltd 65% (Issue 5, p99) A good game for strategy fans, some very good points and some not so good, with slow action phases. Overall though good value for those who like the type.
Dreadnoughts At Jutland Specsim 69% (Issue 51, p50) As a simulation it lacks atmosphere and excitement, and as a game it is not interesting.
Dream Warrior US Gold Ltd 31% (Issue 55, p21) Keep hoping you'll never have a dream as bad as this.
Dr. Franky and the Monster Virgin Games Ltd 76% (Issue 3, p89) Good, fairly addictive.
Driller Incentive Software Ltd 97% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 47, p24) With a stunning use of 3D graphics, very challenging gameplay and the fascination of exploring a Freescape world, Driller is one of the best games CRASH has seen.
Driller Incentive Software Ltd 86% (Issue 87, p50) Not a lot of action but very different and really enjoyable.
Driller Tanks Sinclair Research Ltd 62% (Issue 6, p53) Above average.
Drive In Fantasy Software 70% (Issue 13, p14) Above average.
Dr. Jackle and Mr. Wide Bulldog 41% (Issue 41, p105) A good, and often original idea falls into a sadly cliched game lacking content.
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde - A Gothic Nightmare The Essential Myth 79% (Issue 54, p52) The gloomy, foreboding atmosphere of Jekyll and Hyde makes for an unusual and demanding adventure.
Droidz Silverbird Software Ltd 21% (Issue 56, p95) A feeble Gauntlet clone with hardly any addictivity.
Druid Firebird Software Ltd 90% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 35, p146) A compelling demon-bashing game.
Druid 2: Enlightenment Firebird Software Ltd 68% (Issue 49, p90) Not up to the high Druid standard.
Dukes of Hazzard Elite Systems Ltd 63% (Issue 15, p36) Great graphics but not much game.
Dun Darach Gargoyle Games 97% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 18, p16) An excellent value for money game which has a lot of scope coupled with brilliant scenario and graphics. Truly a megagame.
Dungeon Dare Central Solutions 70% (Issue 28, p95.96) Entertaining.
Dynamic Duo Firebird Software Ltd 29% (Issue 62, p18) The most unentertaining double act since Little and Large.
Dynamite Dan Mirrorsoft Ltd 94% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 18, p26) Superb, value for money game.
Dynamite Dan Mirrorsoft Ltd 92% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 61, p39) If you missed this first time around, you can't afford to miss it now.
Dynamite Dan 2 Mirrorsoft Ltd 93% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 32, p28) A very worthy successor to Dynamite Dan 1.
Dynamite Dux Activision Inc 70% (Issue 70, p45) Initially cute and playable, but quickly repetitive.
Dynasty Wars US Gold Ltd 44% (Issue 77, p44) The scrolling judders along and adds to the 'why bother' feeling that emerges after thirty seconds play.
Dynatron Mission Mastertronic Ltd 71% (Issue 49, p24) An enjoyable and involving game, but much like others in its genre.


Transcriptions by Chris Bourne 
Sinclair ZX Spectrum