Crash Reviews


Sinclair ZX Spectrum
C5 Clive Scorpio Gamesworld Ltd  65% (Issue 17, p119) Cheap and cheerful.
Cabal Ocean Software Ltd 91% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 71, p66)  A classy coin-op conversion full of mindless but highly addictive action.
Cabal Ocean Software Ltd 90% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 93, p60)  I love a good shoot-'em-up and this certainly delivers the goods.
Caesar's Travels Mirrorsoft Ltd (Issue 21, p92) Highly recommended. A value-for-money package which is both enjoyable and educational.
Caesar the Cat Novotrade Rt. 71% (Issue 5, p62) Good value and addictive for younger players.
Cagara Players Software 39% (Issue 31, p23) A poor game, lacking in originality.
California Games US Gold Ltd 36% (Issue 49, p27) The poorest Epyx release yet; lacking playability and addictiveness.
California Games US Gold Ltd 69% (Issue 83, p61) A good alternative to all those endless track and field sports simulations.
Calling, The Visual Dimensions 68% (Issue 56, p58) Should keep you occupied for quite some time.
Call Me Psycho Pirate Software Ltd 47% (Issue 46, p125) Pleasant, but not polished enough.
Camelot Warriors Dinamic Software 82% (Issue 35, p38) An engaging but overpriced little romp.
Canyon Warrior Mastertronic Plus 54% (Issue 68, p48) Nice bit is the map editor on the first three levels. The rest is old hat.
Capcom Collection US Gold Ltd 71% (Issue 93, p62) Eight shoot- or beat-'em-up games. A bit more variety in gameplay styles wouldn't go amiss.
Captain America In The Doom Tube of Dr. Megalomann Go! 36% (Issue 50, p25) A disappointing licence, wasting great potential.
Captain Blood Exxos 76% (Issue 62, p63) A complex and innovative game.
Captain Fizz Meets the Blasterons Psyclapse 56% (Issue 66, p39) A badly programmed Gauntlet clone. We expect better from Psyclapse.
Captain Kelly Quicksilva Ltd 63% (Issue 34, p37) Nothing remarkable here...
Captain Planet Mindscape International Inc  88% (Issue 97, p52) A rampant and addictive blast and right-on, too.
Captain Slog Alpha-Omega Software 30% (Issue 33, p23) Simply awful.
Car Cure Simtron 75% (Issue 16, p22) Bit pricey but should prove invaluable to car buffs.
Cargo Macmillan Software Ltd/
Sinclair Research Ltd
50% (Issue 24, p137) A very well designed program which is both enjoyable and educational.
Car Journey Heinemann/Hill MacGibbon (Issue 31, p80) This is a useful program for developing quite complex skills in an enjoyable way.
Carnival Eclipse Software 75% (Issue 6, p110) Considering the competition prizes and game value, pretty good.
Carpet Capers Terminal Software 14% (Issue 6, p60) Waste of money.
Carrier Command Rainbird Software Ltd 97% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 63, p12) The best sea-faring game ever - it was well worth waiting for.
Case Of The Obscene Mural, The Encief Routines 60% (Issue 27, p71) Strange, humorous in places, but generally disappointing.
Casey Jones Blaby Computer Games 68% (Issue 6, p12) An above average to good game with new features and quite addictive to play.
Casino Royal Oxford Computer Publishing  62% (Issue 15, p30) A very pleasing version, if you enjoy this type of game this version is well worth considering.
Castle Blackstar SCR Adventures 75% (Issue 2, p103) A good adventure, but pricey.
Castle Blackstar SCR Adventures 85% (Issue 14, p95) Atmospheric and well-designed, good value.
Castle Colditz/
Battle Of The Toothpaste Tubes 
K-Tel Productions 50% (Issue 3, p117) Poor adventure, average arcade game.
Castle Eerie Tartan Software 82% (Issue 41, p61) Good.
Castle Master Incentive Software Ltd 85% (Issue 76, p42) The return of Freescape in a riveting arcade/strategy exploration rescue bid.
Castle Of Dreams Widgit Software Ltd 83% (Issue 85, p30) Kept me amused for a long while.
Castles And Clowns Macmillan Software Ltd (Issue 16, p104) Good, well thought-out games which appeal to young children and have a clear educational aim.
Catch 23 Martech Games Ltd 56% (Issue 43, p85) Atmospheric explore-and-find game, spoiled by its lack of speed.
Catwalk Powersoftware 63% (Issue 11, p152) Average
Cauldron Palace Software 91% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 18, p34) A large, engaging and difficult game for the arcade player.
Cauldron 2 The Pumpkin Strikes Back Palace Software 91% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 31, p112)  An addictive sequel to an addictive game.
Cauldron 2 The Pumpkin Strikes Back Palace Software 87% (Issue 61, p40) 128 screens of colourful, playable action.
Cavelon Ocean Software Ltd 86% (Issue 7, p89) Addictive, playable and very good generally.
Caveman CRL Group Plc 28% (Issue 3, p53) A waste of time and money.
Cavemania Atlantis Software Ltd 45% (Issue 87, p47) Could have been really entertaining, as it stands it's simply annoying.
Cavern Fighter Bug-Byte Software Ltd 89% (Issue 3, p9) Excellent value, a high quality version of a popular arcade game, very addictive.
Caverns Of Kontonia Atlantis Software Ltd 46% (Issue 31, p17) A fairly run-of-the-mill budget title.
Caves Of Doom, The Mastertronic Ltd 58% (Issue 26, p38) A fun little game.
Cell Growth Scetlander (Issue 50, p72) 16 years and over. This is a useful program dealing with a complex topic.
Centurions Reaktor 23% (Issue 46, p138) A poor licence of a potentially exciting subject.
Cerius Atlantis Software Ltd 70% (Issue 53, p95) A smart Exolon clone at a cheap price.
Cerius 2 Interalia Atlantis Software Ltd 51% (Issue 81, p48) A disappointing follow up that may only appeal to shoot-'em'up fans.
Chain Reaction Durell Software Ltd 63% (Issue 74, p47) Still provides some challenge to those who didn't cath it first time round.
Challenge Of Iythus Creative Juices 73% (Issue 58, p40) A fairly deep adventure for a small price.
Challenge Of The Gobots Reaktor 37% (Issue 43, p95) Thin content and low playability makes the game very disappointing.
Challengers Ubi Soft Ltd 79% (Issue 89, p35) P47 Thunderbolt - Fighter Bomber - Pro Tennis Tour - Risk Dangerous - Carrier Command - Kick off. Something for all tastes!
Champ, The Linel Software 74% (Issue 90, p46) A well-presented game with everything you would expect from a boxing simulation.
Championship Baseball Gamestar 33% (Issue 43, p30) Lack of polish and realism ruins what could have been a playable and addictive simulation.
Championship Basketball, GBA Gamestar 37% (Issue 44, p22) An uninteresting simulation - poor graphics, dull gameplay.
Championship Football, GFL Gamestar 40% (Issue 44, p107) Another overly complicated, unplayable simulation.
Championship Run Impulze 55% (Issue 88, p47) It's got the speed, but not the gameplay to match.
Championship Sprint Electric Dreams Software 44% (Issue 51, p100) At a penny under a tenner Championship Sprint is very bad value - even with a track designer.
Chaos - The Battle Of Wizards Games Workshop 80% (Issue 16, p120) Very good strategy game.
Charlie And The Chocolate Factory Hill MacGibbon 63% (Issue 19, p38) A bit of a disappointment.
Charlie Chaplin, Starring US Gold Ltd 60% (Issue 53, p20) A game with so much potential that has been ruined by a lack of things to do.
Chase H.Q. Ocean Software Ltd 95% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 71, p56) From start to final arrest Chase HQ is rip-roaring turbo-charged action all the way.
Chase H.Q. 2 Special Criminal Investigations Ocean Software Ltd 74% (Issue 85, p65) A reasonable sequel, but not much more than Chase HQ with guns.
Chemical Formulae Eclipse Software (Issue 28, p79) Of limited appeal, though the serious chemistry student may find it useful.
Chemistry Charles Letts & Co (Issue 26, p75) Revision programs like these are, generally speaking, only as good as the student using them. Used sensibly in conjunction with other study methods, they do have a useful role to play, but it has to be understood that, on their own, these packages will not miraculously ensure A grade passes!
Chemistry Hill MacGibbon (Issue 29, p59) Six main topics are covered in the Diagnostic Tests.
Chemistry J&L Randall Ltd (Issue 19, p104) Don't buy it for home use unless you have a Merit chemistry set! Budding young chemists, however. would probably find it very useful.
Chemistry Visions Software (Issue 48, p53) Suitable for older pupils 16+.
Chequered Flag Sinclair Research Ltd 71% (Issue 3, p88) A good simulation, not a very addictive game.
Chevy Chase Hi-Tec Software Ltd 77% (Issue 92, p56) A fun race game using a car we haven't seen computerised before.
Chicago 30's Topo Soft 82% (Issue 63, p77) Chicago in the 30's was not a nice place to live, but it makes a great game setting.
Chickin Chase Firebird Software Ltd 79% (Issue 23, p32) Cheap and saucy little number, but great.
Chiller Mastertronic Ltd 42% (Issue 15, p12) Looks like there's a lot going on, but in the end lacking lasting appeal.
Chimera Firebird Software Ltd 71% (Issue 24, p40) Better than many full price games.
Chinese Juggler, The Ocean Software Ltd 79% (Issue 11, p45) An original game which should appeal widely.
Chinese Patience Atlantis Software Ltd 68% (Issue 20, p39) A neat little card game, which doesn't break new ground, but is fun nevertheless.
Chip's Challenge US Gold Ltd 82% (Issue 84, p78) Not graphically stunning, but an amazingly addictive challenge.
Chopper X-1 R&R Software Ltd 57% (Issue 3, p90) A good idea, but not very exciting to play.
Chronos A Tapestry Of Time Mastertronic Ltd 55% (Issue 41, p21) A just above average shoot 'em up, mildly addictive, but with nothing really new or invigorating.
Chuckie Egg A'n'F Software 80% (Issue 2, p14) Highly addictive, and very good.
Chuckie Egg 2 Chocky Egg A'n'F Software 81% (Issue 17, p12) A must for the complete gamer.
Chuckman Custom Cables International Ltd  79% (Issue 4, p36) Very good, and pretty addictive.
Chuck Yeagers Adv. Flight Trainer Electronic Arts 80% (Issue 65, p14) Fast, solid 3-D graphics and loads of options make for an engrossing simulation.
Circus Digital Fantasia 66% (Issue 5, p90) An above average lively adventure with cunning plot but a bit pricey.
Circus Games Tynesoft 33% (Issue 61, p64) Keep hoping that this shoddy circus doesn't come to your town.
Cisco Heat Image Works 49% (Issue 95, p56) Cisco Heat is okay as far as it goes. Trouble is, it doesn't go very far.
City Docimodus 44% (Issue 4, p37) Fair, not at all addictive.
City Of Death, The Red Shift Ltd 50% (Issue 13, p101) Missed opportunities but a good effort.
City Slicker Hewson Consultants Ltd 65% (Issue 35, p28) Not Hewson's best.
CJ's Elephant Antics Code Masters Ltd 81% (Issue 86, p47) A great arcade romp packed with great graphics and addictive gameplay.
CJ In The USA Code Masters Ltd 91% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 92, p57) A stunning platform game - playable and good looking!
Classic Games 4 CP Software 34% (Issue 63, p78) If I were you, I'd buy a pack of cards, a draughts bosrd and a backgammon set - much better value for money.
Classic Games - Muncher Bubble Bus Software 41% (Issue 39, p24) Another uninspired attempt at a worn out idea.
Classroom Chaos Central Solutions 70% (Issue 28, p95) Entertaining.
Clerky Unique 43% (Issue 7, p36) Not very addictive and below average.
Clever And Smart Magic Bytes 45% (Issue 49, p19) An odd and rather boring game, licensed from German cartoon characters whose twee humour may not appeal to the British market.
Cliff Hanger New Generation Software 63% (Issue 30, p13) Basically a good game, but overpriced.
Clock Chess 89 CP Software 62% (Issue 63, p78) This is a respectable addition to the ranks of the chess programs and is worth serious consideration from all enthusiasts.
Close-In Pulsonic 31% (Issue 5, p82) A game which ought to be reasonable and has scope for addictivity, totally ruined by thoughtless key layout.
Cloud 99 Marlin Games 75% (Issue 52, p40) Not one of the toughest adventures around but the humorous tone and the ingenuity of the puzzles make it one of the more enjoyable to play.
Cluedo Leisure Genius 81% (Issue 20, p38) Another excellent transfer from Leisure Genius.
Cobra Ocean Software Ltd 93% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 35, p140) The best Hard Guy game there is.
Cobra Force Players Premier Software 64% (Issue 69, p47) If you're looking for a very basic shoot-'em-up, here it is.
Codename Mat Micromega 93% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 4, p26) Out of this world!
Codename Mat 2 Domark Ltd 81% (Issue 20, p112) A fast 3D tactical space game felt to be well above average to good.
Coin-op Hits 2 US Gold Ltd 82% (Issue 89, p33) Mainly for beat-'em-up fans.
Colditz Phipps Associates 80% (Issue 7, p74) Fine graphics with many interesting, logical problems.
Colony Bulldog 45% (Issue 40, p116) Could have been an addictive idea, but poor implementation spoils.
Colosseum Topo Soft 70% (Issue 63, p82) Despite a very simple concept, it is surprisingly addictive.
Colossus Bridge CDS Microsystems 70% (Issue 36, p174) Another enthralling and addictive simulation.
Colour Of Magic, The Piranha 88% (Issue 37, p52) Good.
Colt, The HiSoft (Issue 20, p87) A fast BASIC compiler.
Combat Lynx Durell Software Ltd 88% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 10, p94) Excellent, challenging on a wide range of play options and represents excellent value for money.
Combat Lynx Durell Software Ltd 85% (Issue 58, p110) A game ahead of its time when it was released, it still looks pretty advanced even now.
Combat School Ocean Software Ltd 93% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 48, p16) A hugely addictive challenge of speed, strength and coordination that looks and sounds good too.
Combat Zone Alternative Software Ltd 43% (Issue 49, p28) A poor monochrome shoot-'em-up.
Comet Game, The Firebird Software Ltd 58% (Issue 29, p31) Effectively a compilation of little budget games.
Commando Elite Systems Ltd 94% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 24, p130) A first-rate arcade conversion - very addictive indeed.
Commando Elite Systems Ltd 92% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 58, p110) What really makes Commando is not graphics or sound, but the all important playability.
Commando Pocket Money Software 50% (Issue 28, p92) Nothing new here.
Compendium Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd 61% (Issue 49, p97) Simple fun for all the family, so long as it's only once a year.
Composer Contrast Software (Issue 16, p56) A nice idea poorly executed.
Computer Cookbook, The Bug-Byte Software Ltd (Issue 6, p99) You get 60 main recipes in the main package.
Computer Maniac's Diary 1989 Domark Ltd 23% (Issue 61, p64) The blurb on the inlay asks 'Who said a diary can't be fun?' - well whoever it was, he was certainly right in this case.
Computer Science Disney Software (Issue 39, p95) Together, the four separate packages give a very thorough grounding in all aspects of the topic.
Computer Studies Charles Letts & Co (Issue 26, p76) Revision programs like these are, generally speaking, only as good as the student using them. Used sensibly in conjunction with other study methods, they do have a useful role to play, but it has to be understood that, on their own, these packages will not miraculously ensure A grade passes!
Computer Wordsearch Softfirm 33% (Issue 25, p25) Probably only for the most ardent wordsearch freak.
Confidential Radar Games 70% (Issue 19, p93) Original plot, definitely worth exploring.
Conflict Martech Games Ltd (Issue 10, p135) Where were you in '82?
Conflicts 1 PSS (Issue 42, p71) 3 games - Falklands '82 - Theatre Europe - Battle Of Britain.
Conflicts 2 PSS (Issue 44, p50) 2 games - Battle For Midway - Iwo Jima.
Confrontation MC Lothlorien Ltd 45% (Issue 3, p82) Reasonable for war game addicts, only fair otherwise.
Confuzion Incentive Software Ltd 86% (Issue 16, p34) An unusual and original arcade/puzzle with plenty of difficulty levels and features suitable to multiplayer use.
Connect 4 Atlantis Software Ltd 72% (Issue 15, p46) At the price a worthy, simple family game.
Conquest Cheetahsoft Ltd 24% (Issue 8, p43) A poor program and a slow game which is over-priced.
Conquest Cheetahsoft Ltd (Issue 10, p134) Go forth and watch TV.
Con-Quest Mastertronic Added Dimension 39% (Issue 31, p23) A passable game but there are better alternatives.
Conquestador Erbe Software S.A. 65% (Issue 34, p144) A competent arcade adventure that adds little to the genre. A cute but empty game.
Contact Sam Cruise Microsphere 93% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 36, p34) A highly original atmospheric game.
Continental Circus Virgin Mastertronic Ltd 90% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 69, p40) Incredibly playable and very well programmed race 'em up!
Continental Circus Virgin Mastertronic Ltd 52% (Issue 87, p50) Formula One racing game with lots of neat elements. One of the best around!
Convoy Budgie Budget Software 25% (Issue 21, p121) It;s quite simply a disappointment from start to finish - leave well alone.
Convoy Raider Gremlin Graphics Software Ltd 56% (Issue 43, p97) An interesting collection of games that doesn't quite add up to a great game and with limited appeal.
Cop-Out Mikro-Gen Ltd 65% (Issue 37, p107) A polished rendition of an unoriginal game.
Copy Cats + Spell Cats Keysoft (Issue 37, p48) These programs have been written by a teacher with a great deal of experience, and provide excellent value for money.
CORE (Cybernetic Organism Recovery Expedition)  A'n'F Software 68% (Issue 29, p32) A large, but somehow uninspiring arcade adventure.
Corn Cropper CCS (Issue 40, p104) Interesting and realistic simulations of different business situations. useful for encouraging the users to handle a wealth of different information.
Corridors Of Genon New Generation Software 72% (Issue 1, p28) An unusually addictive game for those who don't mind doing a bit of figuring.
Corruption Rainbird Software Ltd 85% (Issue 57, p43) An extemely professional package which might prove a little too difficult for novices.
Corya The Warrior Sage The Guild 80% (Issue 96, p31) Logical, well thought out problems and text so strong you'll think you're reading a Tolkien novel.
Cosmic Cruiser Imagine Software Ltd 54% (Issue 6, p51) Below average.
Cosmic Pirate Byte Back 67% (Issue 70, p49) A good shoot-'em-up that will appeal to fans of this style of game.
Cosmic Shock Absorber Martech Games Ltd 36% (Issue 41, p24) Outdated shoot 'em up spoiled by poor graphics and control response.
Cosmic Wartoad Ocean Software Ltd 88% (Issue 26, p136) A good game, which can be tricky to get into. Worth the effort.
Costa Capers Firebird Software Ltd 64% (Issue 27, p23) A must for Technician Ted fans, otherwise check it out first.
Count About Longman Software (Issue 22, p84) Quite useful in achieving its limited objective.
Countdown Central Solutions 79% (Issue 31, p73) Very good value.
Countdown Macsen Software 33% (Issue 33, p23) Definitely not the best of TV conversions.
Countdown To Doom Topologika 85% (Issue 52, p40) Has enough puzzles, hidden pitfalls and encrypted conundrums to make the long and hazardous journey more than just worthwhile.
Countries and Capitals Teachers Pet Software (Issue 56, p108) It might provide a useful resource for the testing of a limited body of knowledge.
Country Cottages Sterling Software 62% (Issue 12, p186) Delightful to watch, but lacking in content.
Count With Oliver Mirrorsoft Ltd (Issue 44, p94) Two well-structured, easy-to-handle programs which children will enjoy.
Covenant, The PSS 83% (Issue 19, p42) An inspired but difficult game.
Crack Down US Gold Ltd 69% (Issue 76, p44) Love it, hate it a brave blast-'em-up with cracked down.
Crack It! Towers Mirrorsoft Ltd (Issue 34, p58) An enjoyable program with a sense of humour which children will enjoy. The large range of puzzles and problems will hold a child's attention for quite a while.
Crash Mogul Communications Ltd 33% (Issue 4, p27) A waste of money, may have some appeal for younger children.
Crash Collection Volume 1, The  US Gold Ltd (Issue 67, p42) Bionic Commando - 720° - Winter Games - Impossible Mission II - Spy Hunter.
Crazy Cars Titus 65% (Issue 52, p21) A faster Out Run, without the graphical appeal.
Crazy Cars 2 Titus 79% (Issue 66, p25) A real ride for tough and trendy streetwise dudes.
Crete 1941 CCS 68% (Issue 86, p49) A good game, only marred by it simplistic strategies.
Cricket/Howzat T.J. Owen/Wyvern Software 45%-53% (Issue 7, p13) There are better such games on the market.
Cricket Master E&J Software 60% (Issue 55, p76) As with managing a real cricket team there is little to do, especially during play itself.
Crime Busters Players Software 80% (Issue 58, p26) It may get infuriating, but you always want just one more go - well worth getting.
Critical Mass Durell Software Ltd 90% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 23, p24) Very good shoot em up that is fast, fun and furious.
Cromwell At War 1642-1645 CCS 66% (Issue 90, p44) Civil war fanatics may be able to see through the inadequacies but better war games have been seen.
Crosswize Firebird Software Ltd 69% (Issue 53, p17) A successful sequel flawed by a small play area and annoying control.
Crown, The Wrightchoice Software 72% (Issue 42, p61) Interesting.
Crown Of Ramhotep, The Tartan Software 71% (Issue 46, p104) Competent.
Cruise Attack Mikro-Gen Ltd 62% (Issue 2, p73) Average.
Crusoe Automata UK Ltd 50% (Issue 10, p108) Fair.
Crystal Castles US Gold Ltd 68% (Issue 70, p48) An addictive arcade romp with pleasant graphics and sound.
Curse Of Shaleth Central Solutions 60% (Issue 27, p74) Quite a trek.
Curse Of Sherwood, The Mastertronic Ltd 56% (Issue 39, p117) A barely average arcade adventure.
Curse Of The 7 Faces Artic Computing Ltd 70% (Issue 13, p102) Good value.
Custard Kid, The New Generation Software 65% (Issue 22, p78) Dated but average.
Custerd's Quest Alpha-Omega Software 90% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 44, p67) Very funny indeed.
Cyberball Football In The 21st Century Domark Ltd 41% (Issue 77, p46) Geriatric robots in an arcade conversion balls-up with no ball.
Cyberknight CRL Group Plc 38% (Issue 53, p20) A game concentrating more on the design program than the actual game itself.
Cybernoid Hewson Consultants Ltd 96% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 51, p12) The formula may be old, but everything else is new or improved. Raffaele Cecco's best game to date - if only it were bigger!
Cybernoid 2 The Revenge Hewson Consultants Ltd 88% (Issue 57, p86) Not as stunning second time around, but still maintains the original's playability.
Cybertanks Star Dreams 58% (Issue 1, p104) A reasonable average.
Cyberun, The Ultimate Play The Game 90% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 28, p26) A good arcade adventure shoot em up!
Cyber Zone Crystal Computing 85% (Issue 3, p106) A top class, arcade quality and highly addictive game. Excellent value.
Cybo-Run Calisto 58% (Issue 5, p19) Fair.
Cycles, The Accolade Inc 68% (Issue 78, p41) Disappointing simulation for tin legged motorbike racing aficionados.
Cycling Scetlander (Issue 50, p72) This attractive and useful program makes good use of colour and graphics.
Cyclone Vortex Software 79% (Issue 12, p76) Considered to be more fun than TLL and very playable, but perhaps lacking a little in lasting appeal.
Cylu Firebird Software Ltd 79% (Issue 19, p14) For the price this game is a must.
Cyrox The Power House 46% (Issue 40, p25) A below average budget title.


Transcriptions by Chris Bourne 
Sinclair ZX Spectrum