Crash Reviews


Sinclair ZX Spectrum
Z Rino Software 44% (Issue 44, p24) Poor conversion from the Commodore original.
Zapper Anco Software Ltd 64% (Issue 8, p11) About average fun, lacking content and therefore much addictivity, reasonable price, may suit younger players.
Zaxxan Starzone Software 74% (Issue 1, p13) Good.
Zaxxon US Gold Ltd 58% (Issue 14, p30) A grave disappointment.
Zenji Activision Inc 83% (Issue 10, p149) Highly original and challenging puzzle type game which will probably met a mixed reception!
Zig Zag DK'Tronics Ltd 85% (Issue 5, p18) Very unusual, addictive and good value.
Zipper Flipper R.E.D. Sunshine 60% (Issue 6, p59) A reasonable implementation, but not overly exciting.
Zoids Martech Games Ltd 96% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 25, p16)  A brilliant arcade action/strategy game.
Zolyx Firebird Software Ltd 14% (Issue 51, p23) Zolyx started off as a simple and effective game on the Commodore 64, the programmer has tried to make it what it isn't, complex.
Zombi Ubi Soft Ltd 81% (Issue 75, p42) Atmospheric and scary 3-D maze to grab you and consume you - eat your heart out George Romero.
Zombie Zombie  Quicksilva Ltd 80% (Issue 10, p139) Good to very good though perhaps lacking in content.
Zone 00 Allanson Computing 45% (Issue 13, p46) Average.
Zone Trooper Gamebusters 30% (Issue 62, p68) Could provide an hours exploring for the hardened arcade adventure player, but it won't last long.
Zoot Bug-Byte Software Ltd 59% (Issue 23, p21) Cheap and cheerful, fun for a while.
Zorro US Gold Ltd 53% (Issue 26, p32) A good idea with some nice touches, that fails eventually in presentation.
Zub Mastertronic Added Dimension  79% (Issue 36, p176) Polished presentation, simple but catchy little game.
Zulu Wars CCS 61% (Issue 41, p88) Some interesting features, playable for an afternoon, badly programmed and unlikely to prove of lasting interest.
Zybex Zeppelin Games Ltd 87% (Issue 65, p21) Good value for money, take a look at it today.
Zynaps Hewson Consultants Ltd 91% (A CRASH SMASH, Issue 42, p14) A first rate shoot-'em-up with the magical ingredients for high addictivity.
Zythum Mirrorsoft Ltd 59% (Issue 33, p38) Zythum is a game which you may find appealing at first, but is frustrating when played to any great length.
Zzzz Mastertronic Ltd 58% (Issue 33, p94) Flawed.


Transcriptions by Chris Bourne 
Sinclair ZX Spectrum